3 Things About Westerman

So I have the Ticat seats and my son the Forge ones.

  1. Westerman is a soccer fan.
    Today at the Forge game my son met Westerman in the Ticat shop.

  2. More than a casual fan.
    He was buying a kit (jersey) and getting his name on it.

  3. He told my son he’s just about ready to go.

That’s good news. He barely had time to adjust to the team before being injured so we really haven’t seen- yet - what he can do on our D.

4th thing

He is overpaid and has been a non-factor as a Cat.

Love that he’s a soccer fan and buying a jersey! And I love how many forum members have stories about meeting players in the Ti-Cat Shop!

Who the hell is this Westerman? I keep hearing about some Westerman guy but he never materializes. Could he be related to that mythical Chapman guy somebody occasionally mentions? ;D