3 teams now for Duckmonk to make up his mind

the following are the teams i have narrow down now and they are as followed which I have done research on ,Dance teams,Unique Logos and jeresys,Players and of course Fans.


More thoughs will come see you soon

Can't believe you eliminated the obvious choice, the Stampeders. Everybody knows they are the only team to truly cheer for ... but if you must choose between those 3, go for the Ticats. (I still suggest you ditch them all and go for the Stamps)

DM, come join me and know the power of the Blue and Gold!

hey, you can from Ottawa, which was Red and Gold, only proper you go to the Blue and Gold!

As long as you cheer for the CFL and support the league I'm happy. I realize your team is going through tough times with ownership, and although I think you should stick with your team through thick and thin, it's good to see you haven't been soured on this great Canadian game.

treason is punishable by death in most countries ducky.......stick with your gades......what if they start winning......fair weather fans......we had reinbold in the peg and survived.....it gets better, hang in there....

I have now drop the teams down to 2 but i have decided to add Calgary to the mix since I am intrigue by the fact Stephen Harper lives there.




This is a pathetic thread!

Instead of making this like a popularity contest and having everyone but yourself come up with a decision for you, how about watching the teams and making an informed decision for yourself, ducky.....

Could Kanga have anothe account on here!

yep.....he goes by the name rawnotsorookierickyray..... :lol:

Funny jm02 I was wondering that myself! :twisted:

If you dont choose our hometown Gades, then you'd better not try to hope back on the bandwagon when they start to win

At risk of extending duckmonk's fame for one extra post I reluctantly decided to post to say I couldn't agree more with RW'05 .

i agree aswell.

no no , that's not ture, that's impossible.... NO! no!