3 storylines to watch in the Eastern Semi-Final

If this feels familiar, there’s a good reason for it. The Montreal Alouettes and Hamilton Tiger-Cats will dance a fourth and final time this season in Saturday’s Eastern Semi-Final. The Als hosted the Ticats at Molson Stadium to close out their respective regular season schedules, with the Als pulling out a 22-20 win this past Saturday, which gave them a sweep in their three-game season series.

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As a huge Tiger Cat fan for 75 years, it is my hope that the three games these team played this season don’t matter during the play-offs. My thinking goes this way - - - Montreal has shown Hamilton all that they have, no surprises, no differences at all to show during the Eastern Final. Hamilton on the other hand has rarely had their full team healthy and with Mitchell back, and with two very good backup QBs, Montreal doesn’t know how to prepare - plus Hamilton has Butler, Williams and their great linemen all healthy and ready to go. Montreal has never seen this team on the field all at the same time - Hamilton by 10 points!


It’s hard to take these articles seriously when they contain serious factual errors like this one: “The Als’ wins against the Ticats go further back than that. It was this time last year that the Als hosted the Ticats in the Eastern Semi-Final. While both rosters were much different at that point, coach Jason Maas’ Alouettes topped coach Orlondo Steinauer’s Tiger-Cats and earned the right to move on to the Eastern Final, where the Toronto Argonauts awaited.”

Jason Maas was not the head coach of the Alouettes in 2022. Danny Maciocia was interim HC in the 2022 playoffs.

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This is a very funny post. “Montreal doesn’t know how to prepare”. Somebody hasn’t been watching Montreal at all this season. Noel Thorpe is one of the best in the league at pressuring/confusing QB’s and Hamilton (both Mitchell & Shiltz) have thrown lots of interceptions and DeQuoy/Beverette/Ento and company will be ready for the next two or three on Saturday, at least one of which will be a pick 6. Hamilton has a very good D-Line but so does Montreal. Watch the Lemonator spin his magic again on Saturday. Should be a great game but I’m not so sure it will be Hamilton that goes to Toronto the next week for the Eastern Final. It’s more likely they will be cleaning out their lockers and wishing each other happy holidays!!


I’m tellinya the Cats have it in the bag - Tiger Cats by 10!!!

I admire your positivity! No matter what…it should be a great game to watch! I wish you the best of luck! Anything can happen this weekend! It will be a fun day on Saturday!

To LifelongAlsFan - Thanks for your message. I respect anyone who claims to be a life ling fan of any CFL team - I have been a Cats fan for close to 75 years. Let’s hope Saturday’s game is a barn burner!

Good morning everyone. It’s Pete the Geezer, been a while.

Didn’t catch many games this year for the first time in my life. Saw my first at Lansdowne, Edmonton at Ottawa in the rain, on September 22, 1973. Fan for life.

I maintain some hardheaded positions:

Grey Cup Game played in afternoon, not evening.

Abandon full interlocking (this has been done somewhat) and discontinue the crossover (not an issue the last few years).

Return to an all star game, east versus west, or nationals versus internationals, or Grey Cup champs versus all stars

More afternoon games in the autumn.

I think Montreal will win the East this year, and the Lions will win the West.

Thanks, everyone.


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I heard a rumour that the CFL might be going back to the full interlocking schedule. Perhaps it’s because people who watch the CFL all year long complained bitterly about heavy divisional play. Welcome back though :+1::wink:

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I loathe heavy divisional play. Can’t stand it. It doesn’t work in a small nine-team league and it just leads to fatigue with the same matchups over and over again. To me, each team should play every other team twice, home and away, with two extra games coming against specific divisional rivals.


I completely agree. Come playoff time the teams know each other too well making outcomes a little more predictable. IF the Ticats win today (not cheering for them) they will play the Argos for the 5th time this season. In whose world does this make any sense??


Thanks! I’m hoping for an exciting game that comes down to the last minute of play! That’s Canadian Football at its best! Enjoy the games today! I think both games will be really exciting and fun to watch!!