3 stats that defined Calgary's Week 1 win over Hamilton

CALGARY — Bo Levi Mitchell‘s Hamilton Tiger-Cats pushed until the end, but it was Jake Maier and his Calgary Stampeders who held on for a season-opening win on Friday night.

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After watching Bombers fall opening night and Ticats tonight can we agree that Head Coaches need to make the Command Decision to let their starting quarterbacks play more with their starting offense to built continuity. Give full credit to Dave Dickenson for playing Jake Maier more during the Preseason to allow the Calgary offense to fire on all cylinders on opening night. Now that Bombers and Ticats have film/video on their starting units they can iron out the mistakes that should of been expected from not playing when the real bullets are flying…

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How about not dropping passes if your a Tigercat receiver? Tigercats had decent stats but the dropped passes resulted in too many drives going for field goals instead of touchdowns or nothing at all. Hang on to those passes and Tigercats could have been winners.


Bo played well the dropped passes probably cost them the game
Jake still struggling to read defences no mobility and no arm strength
6 field goals will not cut it
Stamps need to trade for a top end defensive tackle our d line stinks

Bo was average to okay but we need receivers that can catch…the defense was good at times but why play zone? Receiver wide open in the end zone?? Once again this year play calls were terrible at times…eg…2nd & 7 & they call for a 3 yd. pass?

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Congratulations to Calgary Stampeders on a hard fought game over Hamilton Tigercats (it seams Bombers ARE aligned with Hamilton afterall).

And now, the tragic story…

many regulars here are aware of my personal position within my family.
One son, an Argos fan.
One brother, a Riders fan.
And the other brother, a Stamps fan.
My brother who is a Stamps fan is invited over for a BBQ today, (spit). He my brother now gets to gloat that his team the Stampeders is undefeated and my team the Bombers are winless. Why-O-Why did we invite him my brother over for dinner today of all days.
Like a fool, I’ll probably invite my other brother in September.


Stamps have a secret sauce. They have plenty of DAs. : Hicks, Awe, Belgelton, Michel. But it confuses me totally. Hammer has DAs but they are less than 5 years in CFL. The rules are : 5 years in the CFL and 3 years on the team. So what the heck?? I cannot figure it out.

Nobody stays in one place anymore. My brother-in-law is in Toronto, my sister & sister-in-law in Vancouver. My brother is in Edmonton as well as my parents & my wife’s parents in Calgary. My wife is from Vancouver & not a football fan. I have fond memories of attending Oiler & Esk games with my father as a kid.

None of them can figure out exactly who my favourite team is & my spouse isn’t saying. It’s only a problem when we all get together at the same time - unless it’s winter because we all cheer for the Oilers. :grinning:

Humility is OK once in a while, Cup. Just under cook his steak a bit & it’s all good.

You’re confusing two player designations - Designated American and Nationalized American.

Designated Americans

A Designated American (DA) is a non-Starting American player who may play on all special teams. During regular offensive or defensive possessions, he may only replace an American player on the field.

Nationalized Americans

Nationalized American players are defined as having played with their current team for 3 years or at least 5 years in the League. One Nationalized American player may be listed as one of the eight National starters.

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Hamilton always starts the season slow. Cant figure out why 8 other teams look like mid season form, and the Cats usually take the first 4 games to get comfortable.

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First: I’m calling you a FULL TIME Calgary Stampeders fan…just from reading between the lines of your posts.

Second: not steak tonight, baby back ribs, potato salad, Bush pork & beans, asparagus, corn & peas and pumpernickel buns. That’ll teach them to mess with a Bombers fan.

In my defense, I thought I’d be serving him the looser by me the winner.

Edit: all my family still lives in Winnipeg, cept me


Lucky it’s the first game and time to stop the dropsy’s. It is always a pleasure to see davy dickenson do his rant and dance or wine and cheese eh? Now you’re Canadian davy–try not to wine so much.

Yes Bo played pretty good but not well. The pass takes two to be successful. The QB putting the ball where the receiver can make the catch. The receiver making the catch. Mitchell was better than the past 3 years but he still throws over the head of his target (enter the interception) ! He had some that were too far for the receiver (Tim White near the end zone (about 2 yard line )that all he was able was to have it touch the end of his fingers) . There was the one Mitchell threw high through the end zone his target had no chance to stay in bounds. I also saw some short passes.
As for Maier he threw long passes when necessary (enter the Barnes TD). He scrambled well and threw pretty accurately while doing so. TDs are much more preferred but the field goals helped seal the win. I do not know what more people want from Maier. His longest pass was 26 yards He out played Mitchell completing 81% of his passes for 252 yards, (Avg 9.7 yards) 2 TDs, NO INTERCEPTIONS - Mitchell - 71% for 300 yards (Avg. 7.9 yards ,1 TD ,1 interception.

You’ll have to check with my wife on that CUP. :grinning:

No steak???..only in Winnipeg. To be fair I’ll take the ribs, pork & beans & the rest of the spread. You’re going all out to make nice with them CUP. :grinning:

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