3 stats that defined BC's Week 5 win over Hamilton

HAMILTON — The potent offence of the BC Lions was too much to handle for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in their Sunday night showdown in Week 5.

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seems like it wasn’t that long ago that the donut box was always full. tonight it looked like a smaller version of Commonwealth for Elks games.

Ex Saskatchewan Roughriders qb castoff Vernon Adams Jr. was definitely the BC Lions defining key to victory over the lowly Hamilton Tiger Cats. Vernon Adams Jr. Is sensational while making everyone in the CFL forget NYG qb Nathan Rourke.


I flew in from Alberta for the game. I knew this would be my last trip in my lifetime to the Donut Box. It was magical to be with the people again who like myself have unconditional love for the Tiger-cats. I’ll see the Ticats again in Edmonton where ALBERTA TICAT NATION out cheered the Elks fans in our last meeting in Commonwealth. I’m in Alberta to be with my grandchildren. Many Ticat fans are here. Many came for a better life. The Energy Industry pays people well over 100K with most getting around 250K. (Did you notice the last Oilers 50-50 draw was over $20 million.) Housing prices are the best in the country where $700K will buy you a mansion in the Edmonton area. We also get a strong turn out of military Ticat fans who are stationed at CFB Edmonton. Still nothing beats hearing and cheering with the entire Stadium cheering OSKEE WEE WEE in the Donut Box. As a lifelong Ticat fan I know we’ve had poor starts before but know Ticats always find a way to come back with miracle finishes…. God bless the Tiger-cats!


Camera views are misleading. The concourses are always packed. I am in the concourse more than in my seat. Its a social experience too.


oh that’s interesting and good to know. I would expect a lot of social activity in the donut box concourse too.

No doubt about it, the Cats’ defence needs to step up if they have any kind if chance this year. But let’s look at one or two of the positives - the Cat offence outscored BC in the second half and their defence did tighten up - but just too late in the game. The season is still young and they do have time (not a lot) to turn things around. As a Ti-Cat fan I am still hopeful they will make the play-offs. Oskee-wee-wee!

Good to see your optimism. Too much negative feedback on here. That said, it was disappointing to drive an hour and a half to sit through this game.


Think just over 20,000 at this game. Argos would kill for a turnout like this.


To Stipley2 - I agree with you about too much negative feedback - but fans can be a finicky bunch at times. Sorry about your long drive - but don’t give up - the Cats will win!

One good thing about the Cats. No matter their record, the crowds are generally pretty good. THF was built as a social gathering place combined with a sports venue, and Hamilton fans have responded.


To Hamilton fans I can only offer the memory of the 2011 BC Lions who started 0-5 before catching fire & winning the Grey Cup. Unlikely, but it’s been done.


The Tiger-Cats have the new defensive coach in-house and under contract. Orlondo Steinhauer must step up and save this year’s Tiger-Cats.

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I realize that people will have different opinions about this. My feeling is that Hamilton has failed at recruiting and scouting, particularly in the defensive back eight, and that a new coordinator isn’t going to be able to do much midseason with the existing personnel. You can’t put lipstick on a pig. Steinauer might be able to get an adrenaline surge for a game or two but he’s not a magician.