3 stats that define Saskatchewan's Week 1 win over Edmonton

EDMONTON — Corey Mace’s Saskatchewan Roughriders have showed they are willing to fight for it until the end.

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Yes just when I was about to call it a game , Corey’s squad turned it on in the 4th and stole the “W”. Really great for Corey Mace to get his 1st victory as HC. Shawn Bane was awesome , I knew Dave Dickenson was wrong to let him leave the Stampeders 2 years ago. Ever since he left for the Riders he has done nothing but perform super well.


I was of the 5K or Elks fans that braved the wind rain and cold. The 75th anniversary jerseys are a in stadium disaster. Numbers are impossible to see.

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I’m a little bit late to the party, I had recorded Riders / Elks game and watched it today, nice comeback by riders congratulations on the W, I feel for the Elks, even when they think they’re going to win…they don’t

I hate it when they do that. My school had graphite numbers on black jerseys. I was the press box spotter and it’s impossible.