3 stats that could loom large in the Eastern Final

TORONTO — There is a reason the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes are once again playing in the Eastern Final.

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Should be a good game. The 2 games in Montreal went down to the last play - either team could have won. The game in Toronto was a blowout with Montreal fumbling uncharacteristically several times. Turnovers will probably be the deciding factor in a game that could go either way. If the Als avoid them they could pull off an upset.

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Kelly vs Fajardo. It will be Kelly. Montreal just played two games against a weak Tiger cats team and they feel they are word beaters? See you at THF, Argos.

It’s fun to hear everyone assuming that Toronto will win the Eastern Final. It will make the game so much more exciting! It will be a close game for sure and I admit that the stats favour Toronto but this is Canadian Football. On any given day, either team has a chance and it will come down to which team wants it more. I expect a big play within the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter that will seal the deal…maybe even a last second field-goal by Cote! I think it will be a very close, hard-fought game and I’m optimistically expecting that the Alouettes will surprise the hometown crowd and overcome the odds! Just like last week, the Lemonator will get at least one sack and one other very big play…either an interception, a forced fumble or a fumble recovery. Toronto will turn the ball over at least 2 more times than Montreal. James Letcher Jr. will return a kick for a touchdown. Marc-Antoine Dequoy will intercept at least one pass and the defense (Beverette, Evans or Ento) will intercept at least one more. The Als offence will succeed with a trick play. Fajardo will throw for at least two touchdowns (to Spieker, Snead, Mack or Philpot) and William Stanback will score at least one TD and have a great game (100+ yards)! Coach Thor…pe will have the D-Fence (aka the Wall of Fame) swarming like bees! It’s so much fun to be the underdog! Next stop…110th Grey Cup!!!

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If the Als spike the Argos Gatorade with the right stuff they could pull off an even bigger upset.


Boatmen are gonna curb-stomp the Als and their inept offense. Ham gave MTL the game and even at that, they had difficulty taking it. Argos are rested and healthy. What was the score last time the Als went to BMO? 30 point win for Toronto?