3 sell-outs in a row for the Peg

congrats winnipeg on supporting your team and your guy ( milt ) during his TD record chase.

3 sell-outs in a row.

29,533 again.

Hope it can continue even if the record chase is over...

That's pretty key.

I think Charlie is chasing a record as well.....sure creates interest in the Peg....and with Stegal and Roberts doing their thing....it'll probably entice quite a few through the gates.....go BigBlue...i also think these guys deserve a new stadium.... :wink: :rockin:

too bad milt wont be around to play in that new stadium.

Milt is now chasing the career yardage record, so keep the sell outs going!!

And Sir Charles is chasing the club record set by Leo Lewis for rushing yards.

How many career touchdowns does Roberts have now? He's been tearing it up this year, 8 I believe already?

I doubt that counts tonight.
If the real question is, can he overtake Milt someday, then the answer is maybe, but doubtful.
He would need to either have several monster seasons, or play a long time for a RB.
Milt's record should hold up for the foreseeable future.
And Milt isn't done yet either.

Nope, Charlie has atleast 67.

52 on the ground
13 through the air
2 Returning(punts)

If Roberts keeps this pace up he's going to break Milts Season Record for TD's with 28+ TD's.(would put him at 87 career TD's with only what? 7 seasons played)
I beleive Single season Career record for the WBB is 23 set by milt, could be wrong
Charlie can pass Leo Lewis this year and become 2nd in all-time WBB TD's to Milt with 8 more TD's

Charles needs ~350 yards to break the all-time rushing record(should be within 100 by the next home game vs. TO)

Milt needs 898 yards to be the CFL all-time leading Pass catcher.(should happen around the last Hamilton game so September 29th vs. Hamilton or the week after on October 5th vs. BCL)
Milt sets a new record now with every TD he gets

of course injuries mess things up

~220 yards and KG passes Jacobs for WBB passing yards
~632 Yards and KG passes Dunigan
~1.4K yards and KG passes Don Yonas
So Glenn can move into 5th for WBB all time passing yards.(with an outside shot at becoming the 4th by passing Clements)

Barrin Simpson is on pace to destroy the record for Tackles in a season, he has 42 in 5 games(on pace for over 150)
that would also move him way up the Bombers tackle leader board with 260 in two seasons(into 5th or 6th all time)

The Bombers are garanteed atleast 1 more sell-out as the Banjo Bowl is a coming. the Argo game could be a tough sell but stringing together a 2 game win streak and the Argos winning next week vs. the Als could make for a very good match-up.

The Blue are looking at: 145.6K fans for their first 5 home games(29.1K average)

last weekagainst the riders the eskimo's had 47,000... now THATS impressive.

Nope, Charlie has atleast 67.
As I said, 65 didn't count the latest game. 65+2=67. Anyway, if he has a few monster seasons, he will have a chance, but so far in his career, he has averaged about 10 a year, which is a decent pace, but would mean he would need to play 14+ years, which is very rare for a RB. Obviously, if he gets 28 this year (a CFL record) that changes things somewhat, but the reality is, anything over 10 years as a starter puts him in a very exclusive club. So pace is important, but ultimately, longevity is what will determine if Sir Charles is in the hunt for any league records.

Excellent turnout by the Rider fans.....

Do you think it might happen and why?

if they keep winning yes

True, but his average of 10 is not looking to be this year.
8 in the first 5 games. Charlie would need to disappear for the next 13 games, and Charlie hasn't even had a big game yet... scary scary thought.

Charlie hasn't missed a game in years.. scary durability.

Charlie made the commitment this year to move to Winnipeg, seems to show he's planning to stay around for atleast a few years.

if he gets 24+ this year(Career total 83) he only needs 54 over the next.. 3 Seasons(to put him at 137)

It should be looked at this way:
the Bombers have yet to play a 3-4 D.

The bombers have 3 more games vs. Hamilton.

2 vs. Calgary (3-4 Defence)
3 vs. TO (3-4 Defence)
3 vs. Hamilton.. it's hamilton.

that's what.. 16 TD's right there?(2 average)

Bombers have yet to be involved in a blowout game(the last MTL game looks perfect for one)

Go Charlie!! put pressure on milt this year :stuck_out_tongue:
Start making that run for 5th on the all-time TD list!!(87 TD's is it? or 97?)

Milt said on the CBC pre game he will pretty much retire at the end of this year, he said 99.9%.

...on Charlie moving to the Peg....i had to laugh when a fan noticed Blink at a gas bar, filling up in the dead of winter.....all he said was'''''man it gets COLD here :lol: .....must be quite an adjustment for a California guy....all in all he says he loves Winterpeg......lol....probably more the people here. than the climate..... :lol:

What is it that shoots off after a Bomber TD or FG? Is it a cannon?

It’s a CANNON alright, the same CANNON we’ll use to blast the Boatmens ship apart…Go Bombers…Let the CANNONS roar…

ya, at the south end of the field.

last home game they shot it off when it was an incomplete pass... (maybe it was the hamilton game..)