3 Riders facing assault charges

Roughriders Dwight Anderson and Taj Smith facing assault charges

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/836108/roughriders-dwight-anderson-and-taj-smith-facing-assault-charges/]http://globalnews.ca/news/836108/roughr ... t-charges/[/url]

Well, when Tillman faced was up against his charges team policy meant he was suspended and eventually had to part ways. Is the same potential here?

First concern is I hope justice is served either way...guilty or innocent, I hope the courts get it tight.

Either way, I imagine these 2 are out of the lineup...the Riders are going to be hurting w/o Williams, Smith and Anderson.

Not good :thdn:

In other news, did you hear about the peanut in the park???

He got assaulted :lol:

I have a feeling Chamblin will play the "innocent until proven guilty card". I say DEPORT.

It’s not a card, it’s the LAW. I would support Chamblin if he took that position. Innocent until proven guilty.

So without knowing any facts you have found them guilty and want to sentence them. :roll:

Mike (a very reliable source) at the MBB message forum posted that he was told a group of Riders had been at a club and when they left a bunch of gang members (some armed with bats) were waiting in the parking lot for them and started a brawl with this one guy ending up in the hospital.

This is kind of shocking news.......and not so shocking news.Anderson has always had the reputation as a loose cannon and a hothead throughout his career,no matter where he's played,it seems his shelf life with any team is usually about 2 years before he wears out his welcome.He has bounced from Hamilton to Calgary to Montreal to Saskatchewan in his career so far.This is something you would expect to hear about in the NFL,not in the CFL,and something like this is very unfortunate publicity not only for the Riders but the entire league as a whole.It's innocent until proven guilty,we'll just have to let the courts decide what fate awaits these two players in the meantime.

No. If they are found guilty, serve part of their sentence and throw them on a plane.

Frank Kush would have taken these two out to the equipment room for a little "chat" preceding a voluntary deportation.

How can you say you feel this "card will be played" in one breathe, and say well no, I only meant dport if found guilty. Sounds a lot like someone is backpedlin' to me.
What if this guy was putting on a show to the players and started it?
What if the players stepped in to help someone?

They are not found guilty for the time being at least...someone decided to lay charges. For all we know he could have started it...or the boys could be guilty. The bouncers will be the key witnesses, but this guy could have started this and been talked into pressing charges, or maybe it is all legit.

Players are often targets in the bars, and I have seen DA in the bar doing nothing, yet being provoked...could be the same, with his teammate standing up for him...pure speculation.

The rumor I heard a bit back was that there was gang activity outside the club and that a couple people were getting beat on by a bunch of them...AAnderson and Smith supposedly stepped in at that time to attempt breaking it uop and all hell broke loose. That was conveyed to me by a friend who's frined told them, so I can't put a lot of merit in it, but it is what I heard, and they were there. I tend to believe it. 2 Football players picking a fight and taking it so far as to hospitalize...can't see it.

If the above is true, I salute them...not many people would step up as such.

Not at all. I would definitely suspend them from the team until their case is settled. Whatever the circumstances they could have handled it differently. Seems there were a lot of players from the Als and Riders there and only those two decided to beat a guy to a pulp and stomp him in the head, hence the charges.

I wonder if he goes "beep" when he backs up like that. . .

Not backpeddling at all. I like the way the NFL does it. I liked the way Trestman did it (Ventrell Jenkins). Suspend them and if they are found guilty OUT.

news conference in 10 minutes on it...ckrm I believe

Anderson's been a hothead on the field but in all his bouncing around I don't recall him getting into off field incidents.

Your in a dive at 3 in the morning, this is what happens. Instead of calling 911 they went thug on thug and now they are in a bad spot.

Wow.. you sure know a lot abou this case... were you there?

I have learned from seeing situations in the media that the real story and the media related story are usually not the same...

Let the courts decide. Whatever the particulars of the case are, the Riders will take appropriate action. Right now, we have a lot of people assuming that whatever happened these two were at fault. I haven't seen enough information to support that and I don't think any of us have. The only thing I would say is that there is enough evidence that police laid charges which, though not a conviction, it is still fairly damning.

I hope the players are proved innocent for the sake of; them, the Riders, the fans, and the CFL.

Well I know they’ve been charged with aggravated assault after a police investigation.

I was a bartender. I’ve seen this movie before. I doubt the players started it. But they showed poor judgement by staying there till “close” and engaging with drunk wannabe’s in the parking lot. Nothing good happens at a bar at 3am, trust me.

I have good things happen to me at a bar at 3am, a few times (when I was young, now I am too old to be up at 3:00). I get much better looking at a bar at 3 am. :cowboy: :lol: :rockin:

I second that :thup: :thup: :rockin: :lol: