3 Rider neg list QBs in bowl games today......

Theres three QBs on the Riders neg list playing in USA college bowl games today, not sure if they're on tv or not but we have Russell Wilson, North Carolina State, freshman starter, and first team all-ACC/ He's 5-10, but has terrific skills (16 td passses and only one interception as a freshman)...mobile, live arm and very intelligent.

Chase Daniels (Missouri) and CJ Bacher (Northwestern) go head to head in the Alamo Bowl tonight at 7:00. Each are seniors and are late round draft picks or NFL free agents who should be CFL bound in the next year or two. Both guys are excellent students, and their abilities are well documented.

Wilson was rather impressive today I thought...........kid sure has a set of wheels.

Daniels is the future

well this is intreasting

Why would the Riders have a freshman on their neg list? Something about that seems a little shotgun to me. Put a bunch of random players on the list without knowing when you'll even get a chance to legally talk to them.

That actually isn't unusual. You place a player on the list early so you DO have the legal right to talk to him when the time comes. If you wait until a player is a star or about to graduate everytime, what you will find is you never have good players on your neg list.
Sometimes a player will be a bust, or sometimes he will be too good (I believe we had some guy named Joe Montana on our neg list way back when) but that is the risk with using up a spot on potential.

I didn't think you could put a player on the negotiation list until he became draft eligible. Russel still has two years for that. But I could be wrong.

You are darn tooting that Daniel is teh future.

If Daniels is to be the future he'll have to improve on his showing at the Senior Bowl that's for sure.

Chase hasn't been in Mobile all week and he's not playing in the Senior Bowl this coming Saturday!!!

Here's an article on Chase Daniel. He's a short stumpy guy who says himself he may not even be drafted due to his height. That would make his chances of becoming a Rider eventually that much greater.

[url=http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?section=magazine&id=3632340]http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story ... id=3632340[/url]

"But Daniel still worries. "If I get measured at 5'11"," he says, "I might not even get drafted." That's why when talk turns to pro futures, Daniel turns to Patton, who hasn't started a game since high school and in his four years at Mizzou has completed 16 of 26 passes with one interception. Daniel says to his backup, "You'll probably get a better shot than me." "