3 Reasons

i would like CareTaker to reply but somebody on the 5th quater 2 weeks ago asked give me 3 reasons why i should renew my tickets and thats what i want to know!

CareTaker give 3 reasons :slight_smile:

  1. no matter what, as long as the ticats continue to exist, they will get better.

  2. If canadian pro ball and the CFL means anything to you. If once again having an entertaining team in Hamilton in Hamilton means anything to you, then you should want to do what you can to help make that be so.

  3. because if you have good seats, you may still wish you had them when things are good again.

  4. because being a ST holder means that you can enjoy the socializing of TGs and being with fellow fans in the stadium, etc

  5. Beats going to a bills game