3 reasons the Bomber Board of Directors should be dissolved

  1. The fact that we're still going to games on Maroons Rd.

For every year we stayed there after property values skyrocketed, Winnipeg Enterprises lost millions in revenues that could have been realized by operating a new stadium somewhere else. That alone is justification for dissolving the board. We're talking management accounting 101 here--the board's inaction indicates a complete lack of business sense.

  1. The current BoD did not act in the best interest of its co-owners, the citizens of Winnipeg, and offered no resistance to a hostile takeover bid by David Asper.

They clearly have a conflict of interest, as many board members would hope and expect to reap the financial benefits of working for a billionaire media mogul. David Asper also has had business dealings with Mayor Katz, who is a walking conflict of interest himself (Goldeyes, Crocus, City Hall).

  1. CEO and President Lyle Bauer defies logic as he retains the services of Doug Berry and Kit Cartwright, who have a regular season record of 4-12 since other CFL teams figured out our our vanilla offense that has featured no significant changes or half-time adjustments. The last game was won with Kevin Glenn calling his own plays.

Not only is Doug Berry psychologically abusive to his players and staff, but he is incompetent. Bauer's decision to stand pat feeds speculation about a potential conflict of interest. Maybe Bauer is tanking this season so that the general public will be led to believe that public ownership is bad for the Bombers and that David Asper is a "white knight," when in actuality it is the current BoD that is bad for the Bombers, not public ownership itself. David Asper is no white knight. He wants a sweetheart land development deal like True North got. The Bombers don't need David Asper to become prosperous; we only require sound business management--something the Bombers haven't had in years.

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...answer to no 2...i guess all bids would have to be considered as hostile in that case....cuz there sure was more than just Asper putting forth plans for the franchise...Which hostile group would you have approved????lol lol :lol:

Does anybody know who these people are who sit on the BODs. This should be public knowledge. We may be able to boycott any business they are connected to.

How about Bauer's brilliant marketing campaign of 'We got it going on' removed in checking favorably with Bauer's true, "We've got it going wrong." conspired subliminally as this concept. Wow, how solid. Bauer acts like a kindergarten cop, and the rest of us are facing a moral duty that befuddles me.

Canad-Inns bid allowed the city to keep the franchise.

[url=http://www.winnipegfirst.ca/article/2007/04/09/bombers_should_keep_team_ledohowski]http://www.winnipegfirst.ca/article/200 ... ledohowski[/url]

Good article TrueBlue. This is very interesting that Leo would build a stadium, team would stay community owned. There are many good concepts out there. Just another idea that has been trashed by our incompetant board. Community Ownership is the fiber that holds the city togeather.

Bottom line is simple: Bauer + BoD's have to take the nearest exit through a toilet hole. Taman has already taken the team there with him, so unfortunately not all is lost. (Taman prefers luring players as social rejects.)