3 RBs on Game Day Depth chart for this week

Interesting ,, after 2 weeks with only one .....................

Hugh Charles
Anthony Allen
Jerome Messem

I only wish it was Tolson and not Allen!

why not Toston...I mean, bring 2 new guys in while he showed so good in preseason...cut him or give him a shot. This just seems like throwing a PR spot away. Pretty disappointing. I guess Messam is in because Charles is not...so that is an international for an international. They are Also dressing Watman, likely in place of Regimbald at LB...probably a smart move.

Allen can catch, I will give him that...huge perk as a RB...fine, give him the shot...idunno, just a little disappointing Toston isn't even making the 46

That said...3 RB on the 46...money says they are dangling the 'you may not dress card infront of Allen...maybe not saying it, but scaring him a bit

Allen is on a short lease even though he leads the league in yards. Charles is similar to Sanders last year. Two RBs worked well last year. Messam takes over for Hughes, big FB to block.

If Totson gets a shot look out, he was intense in the preseason. I think they sat him to get him to be more humble and not cocky.

Messam is Canadian, not an import.

sorry...meant national for national there. I think I needs to stick with N and I lol

I have to say I'm more then a bit puzzled with whats the deal Toston. He looked like a lock in preseason and so far he might as well not be on the team. Who has the inside dirt on why he is M.I.A? Either we need to give the guy a shot or why waste the space? Let Allen sit I say and give Toston a shot. I think what he showed in pre season has at least earned him that.


Charles is in, first on the depth chart


Regimbald is behind Peters on the chart

I'm with everyone else on this, I'd like to give Toston a shot