3 Questions for Staff on the Press Conference Friday.....

where is it being Held ?

Will it be covered Live ?

If it is Who will have it

I just want to know who his OC and DC will be and will he rehire Dennis Mcphee !!!!!


Me too -- would love to see Deke retained...the staff hires will be as important as Taaffe's given the state of the roster and the need for a systems overhaul on both offense and defence.

Oski Wee Wee,

1)Is there free food there?

2)Is the answer "yes"

3)If so, when can I expect my invitation by e-mail?

:D :cowboy:

I saw a report some where that might be the head coach at University of Waterloo.

And one such report alluded to the fact he's waiting to see on the Ti-Cat situation.

You might also want to ask if Greg Marshall (the other) will be part of this team too. Things have strangely quiet with him lately. No word at all on whether he will stay in Winnipeg next season. He was talking about taking a head coaches job if he was offered it but I wonder if a lateral move is in the works. The Caretaker is assembling a real power house to run the team so that should make things attractive for anyone who wants to be on the assistant coaching staff.

[quote mikey]

  1. Is there free food there?

Waaaay tooooo funny!

[quote author="t-lew"]

1) Is there free food there?

Waaaay tooooo funny!

wahhhhht?....what's so funny?? :wink:


....Not everyone will "get this" of course so for their benefit, I'll now tell the story.........well, ya see, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away (IWS), there wa.......nawwwwww, fugedaboudit, boring story......lol) :roll: :lol: