3 QBs Need CFL Experience

The Hamilton Spectator Jun 13, 2007

Charlie Taaffe says

"We've had some really good practices

but what they have to do now is take it
from the practice field to the 12 on 12

and be able to execute with the kind of
precision you need in a game situation,"

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I think that Coach Taaffe is being wise in taking the 3 aforementioned QBs to Winnipeg for their first preseason game.
I agree with his comments about seeing how well these American trained QBs can perform in the 3 down game. First down in the Canadian game is so important and if a minimum of 5 yards aren't picked up on that down, it can virtually put the offense in a hole.

I think its also a good idea to start King and follow up later with Chang and/or Williams. King is 30 years old and must make good in the CFL or possibly see his career come to an end, so he'll have a lot of pressure on him, even though he exudes a calm, well spoken exterior.
Winnipeg's defense is great, so it should make for an interesting game depending on which players actually get playing time.

Heads will certainly roll by Sunday, but if Charlie still can't make up his mind after Thursday night's game, he may continue with all 5 QBs until the final cutoff date.

Coach Taffe reportedly says no QB "goes" until after preseason game #2, which is undoubtably "prudent".

The three newbies have something to show to keep on with the team.

Winnipeg, on the other hand, has a stellar defence and is a one man show at QB...if/when Kevin Glenn falters they have a desperate need for a #2 QB to step up...

Could we be "showcasing" some "trade bait" in hopes of a decent offer at receiver or DL or LB positions?

I mean we are all hoping and waiting for the D to tee off on the Wpg QB's tomorrow night, but it could get really "interesting" with how an X+O Coach like Charlie does this versus the Wpg Brain Trust...

I think the decision to have the three quarterbacks who have little or no CFL experience is being made so that the coaching staff can see much of these quarterbacks play as possible. And that may be done because that what will be needed so they can decide which of these quarterbacks will be on the way out. It could be that Taaffe has already decided Maas and Butler will not be cut, and one of these quarterbacks might have to go. And if a quarterback will be traded, I'd say Butler would be the one to be traded. The team could get more for a quarterback who has experience and is not an unknown.

I get the showcasing idea somewhat, although the objective for a 4-14 team would be to keep the three best guys that fit the budgetary framework, no?

If the cuttable one or two guys is "showcased," then understand it's a cuttable guy from a last-place program. My gut is that you could count the number of teams in this league that would trade for a QB rather than just wait for cuts to be made on...zero fingers! LOL

The Als and Bombers would seem to be the two teams most concerned about shoring up their QB depth. Brady as the backup in Montreal appears a dodgy prospect to me. Brad Banks in Winnipeg has a lot more upside as a backup, IMHO.

That being stated, no team is in panic mode to move on the QB front. As long as there is no rash of injuries befalling their corps, the need to trade a desirable player from the Cats' point of view for what...a third-string or backup QB that couldn't make OUR team is dubious, I think.

There are going to be enough cut QBs floating around the FA pool in two weeks to ensure that no team is going to trade for anybody's QB dregs. Seriously.

I don't think Maas is tradable given the optics of his contract and the fact he tanked last year. Frankly, if he does well in his preseason start and into the early part of the campaign, he obviously will stick here. If not, the Cats would most likely have to release him at some point during the season, IMHO. Again, unless another club is ravaged with injuries, taking a lark on a guy coming off shoulder surgery etc. etc. who would be tanking for the second straight year wouldn't exactly be tearing up the trade value charts...

Chang? I seriously doubt he'll be cut unless he completely tanks in his game reps and in practices from now until the end of camp. That's my gut.

Williams is relatively unproven, so here again, if he does well in the preseson game reps, it might be an argument to put him on the practice squad if he doesn't stick in the active QB mix. Whether teams would be interested in trading for him would be predicated on the FA pool after leaguewide cuts are complete. Methinks there would be other options for teams to take than just vying for Williams in that scenario.

Butler? Possibly a trade option if teams were desperate for a quick fill at starter or if the backup proved incompetent. I would hesitate to trade for him if I were a GM elsewhere in the league. Butler either sticks here or he gets cut. Simple.

King? Well, a lot of people figure his deal is contingent on him being a starter for him to get the kind of return to make it worth his while to remain in Hamilton. So...with that logic, he either stays here as No. 1 or somebody waits two weeks to snap him up if he's cut.

One thing about the need for receivers: the Als, if they indeed would evne want to deal for one of our guys, have little in terms of depth to offer us in return. They need wideouts as well.

The Bombers? We will get to see their receiving contingent in the next two games. If there were to be a swap, no Brazzell experiment again, please! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Johnson deal from Edmonton to Toronto is indicative of the trades one might see in the next week -- low draft picks for a guy who might fit in a backup role on a depth chart.

I think it is more realistic to accpet that teams will likely bide their time in the dealing department. I certainly don't expect any jawdroppers before the season starts.

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