3 Point Safety

To reiterate a point made in another thread for discussion:

Make the safety 3 points. This comes down to whether you want the game to be about continuously pushing the ball to the other team's end or not. Well the value of scoring has changed plenty of times in the last century. Why not a little tweak instead of adding all these conditions to the game? Instead of adding another penalty, or creating a new mode of the game, make it worthless to concede a safety.

Tie it to the value of FGs.

That's why they're conceding safeties in the first place.

It's fine the way it is,you can't change the scoring system. Giving up 2 still hurts teams. You give the ball back,so there's the possibity of 9 points being scored. Look what happened to Edm in the east final. They gave up 2,then Mtl. scored a TD when they got the ball back. That turned the game around.I would suggest Edm. was punished for giving up the 2. The cfl has been an exciting brand of football for a long time ,under these rules. "So if it ain't broke don't fix it "

I am fine with them giving 2 points just make them kick the ball from further back. Right now you are almost penalized for pinning a team deep in their own zone.

Why do people keep saying pinning deep?

If you fumble inside my five or I get an interception , and even if I get 1 first down.....I should be penalized for not moving the ball out farther?

Why change the safety rules? Our game is good as it is.

If where going to change the Safety Rule
why not make teams kickoff from own 10 yard line or
give Them ball from there own 50.

Coaches will then think long hard about giving up 2

Why should they have to think long and hard?

They gave up 2 points for the field position!

The rule is fine as it is

gotta agree with this one. Frankly I was surprised to see coaches giving up so many safety's this year. 2 points seemed like a lot in most of the games. In my mind it should only be given up at the end of the game if you can justify it strategically. Any other time seems to show that the coach doesn't have faith in his offence and especially the run game. Backs like Joe Smith under-utilized in Winnipeg and Mtl's second half non-performance in the Cup were glaring examples to me.

bah allowing teams to kickoff from where they do now is idiotic, its right up there with the rouge. Yell at me if you want they are both retarded rules.


Maybe we need to take a look at the three points again. Heck, not only should they increase the safety to three points, they should give the credit to the offense so they could increase their stats.

I am sorry, the safety the way it is now works, it is fine.

The reason people like Suitor don't like it that much is because it places the emphasis on the kick return game to replace the lost field position. But if you don't have a good kick return game that isn't the problem with the safety.

Add to the issue of having a poor kick return game, the number of times the recieving team opted to take the ball at the 35 yard line instead of attempting return.

If they want to get serious about changing the safety and even missed field goals, then require a kick off and don't allow the teams to take the ball at 35 yard line.

100% agree. Why do we want to change everything? We are too overwhelmed by the NFL. The NFL has a free kick from the 20. Big WHup!! I don't care. The NFL could also play a game on Mars!

The rule is what it is, deal with it. You lose 2 points and the ball, and now you want to give up another point on top of that and also give them better field position?

The rule is fine as it is.

Please stop with the threads on rule changes. There are tons out there. I am sick of reading them.

What about starting from the 25 instead of the 35 like they did in the good old days. Letting them start at the 35 really bugs me

That's exactly what I want out of the game!

Think about it! A three point safety and there won't be giving up points for field position. I want giving up points for field position to be out of the game.

I don't want a new penalty.

I don't want a new kickoff.

This is the simplest way to eliminate this silly, anti-climactic play from football.

I think running around in your own end zone like a ninny and stepping out before getting touched shouldn't be part of football.

Simple as that.

Making the safety 3 points doesn't borrow from the NFL.

Its even more climactic to have the safety earned in the run of the play. That is, by a brilliant athletic effort to bring down the ball carrier desperately that ball carrier's fighting to get out of his end zone.

I understand some will argue that the safety was earned merely by pinning the team deep and forcing the 150 lb kicker to prance around before touching the white stripe like a walk in baseball.. I want to see these athletes FIGHT for points.

3 point safeties are the simplest way of doing this.

Change has always been a part of football.

Why do we need to complicate things? The best way to grow this game is to keep it simple to watch, learn, officiate and play...

A 3 point safty wont change it.....
KIcking from inside your endzone is just about an automatic field goal..... If I am going to put the opposition in field goal range and an automatic 3 with a strong risk of 7....I will give them the 3 and have them start at their own 35

I think if you deliberately give up a safety, the entire team must read all the goofy expansion posts on CFL.ca.

That will stop delibereate safeties! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Giving up a 3 point safety would be the automatic field goal. It would make it pointless to concede.

A 3 point safety would force teams to punt and leave it their defense for a tight series which in addition to the likely FG attempt or TD could also result in:

-A turnover
-A loss of yards resulting in a punt
-A missed FG

I would rather see defenses FIGHT for these outcomes instead of a kicker prancing around the end zone giving up 2.

Make the safety 3 points and you have more football (blocking, tackling, passing, running, kicking for points, punt returns) in football.