3 Point games?

Has there been any discussions at a league level about making the games tied after regulation 3 point games? I think it's a shame that the Riders have went to OT twice and have NOTHING to show for it.

I hate that idea. Makes teams play for ties and rewards failure. The kindergarten point for losing in extra time - it’s the single biggest reason why the NHL keeps dicking around with its OT and shootouts. CFL used to have it. Got rid of it. Never want to see it again. That’s just my opinion.

The point is for being tied at the end of regulation, not losing in OT. Pretty hard to play for a tie in the CFL with all the singles and missed converts and 2 point conversions now. It’s pretty rare that the points will line up so you can actually play for a tie. The shoot out format is a joke. It’s like the NHL shootout, pretty crappy way to decide a game. If we’re going to OT then let’s give both teams equal number of possessions and play it like a regular game. The team with more points after equal number of possessions wins. That I can live with.

First, all games are worth 2 points. No game should be worth more or less than 2 points. If Calgary and Edmonton were to go to OT, why should Winnipeg BC or Sask get the disadvantage of having Calgary and Edmonton split up 3 points merely because they couldn't finish each other off in 60 minutes? It's a free point for feat not the least bit special.

Second, it makes teams play for the tie, or at least play for overtime rather than do what they might otherwise to win the game.

The NHL had too many ties.

It brought in overtime.

Games tied after regulation INCREASED.

They still had too many ties.

They gave the kindergarten point for getting into OT hoping that teams would go for it more.

They got more games decided IN overtime but the point meant a further increase in overtime games (because all the teams playing for the failure point) which meant that ties didn't really reduce that much if at all.

So they brought in the shootout.

Which made teams play for a tie in the OVERTIME so they had even MORE TIES!

At first people thought the shootout was exciting but now shootouts have increased they are a boring gimmick.

So now they are bringing in 3 on 3 gimmick BS hockey to try to reduce the shootouts. They could literally pitch this whole fiasco to Hollywood as a comedy script. Kevin Spacey could play Bettman.

Teams still play for ties because the NHL gives an incentive to play for ties! HELLO!!

Want teams to stop getting ties? No overtime, no shootout, 60 minutes only. A win is 1 point, a loss zero and a tie ZERO!

Then and only then ties will reduce. Guaranteed it's the only thing that Bettman and his idiot governors will never try.

I will agree with you completely that football shootout OT is garbage and a lousy way to decide a football game. But you said it yourself, ties in football are rare, due to the funky scoring math. There are 81 games in a CFL season. How many end regulation in a tie? Last year 1. Average maybe 3. Why do we need overtime? Ties are not a plague that we must scourge from our game. It's not like someone's gonna go 6-7-5 any time soon. So a couple of teams go 8-9-1. So what? No need for OT, scrap it all together.

I'll tell you the reason for shootout OT - television!

2 5 minute halves takes long and TV hates games that go long. So scrap OT in the regular season completely and problem solved.

Now what about playoffs? To me it is an abomination that a PLAYOFF game could be decided on shootout overtime. It's disgusting. No special teams, no field position, no clock? That is NOT football. It's like playing 21 in a half court. It's a joke. And for damn sure I never want to see another Grey Cup decided on shootout OT crap.

Anyone who says 'but the shootout OT is exciting!' I say to them, 'ok why don't we play the first 60 minutes as a shootout?' The answer is: because it's not f**king football.

Again, why does the league use the shootout? Television is too afraid of a game taking too long. That is the ONLY reason. This is not my opinion and not some secret that I stumbled upon. It is common knowledge announced when the change was first made. It is the absolute truth. Yet the same television industry that admits that it created this abomination shootout has no problem showing 2 or 3 quadruple-quintuple 6x 7x OT HOCKEY games every damn spring even when the players are dragging their skates around in cement until 3am ready to drop into a casket from exhaustion before the viewers do from boredom!!

So why can't they let the CFL decide it's Grey Cup championship with proper football overtime oh ... twice per century?? Double standards are a b**ch. That's right.

Playoff and Grey Cup OT should be 2 ten minute halves. Repeat until there's a winner.

But anyways my point is. No failure point for getting into OT. No no no NO NO! NO!! Do not give an incentive to tie. EVER.


Sorry about the rant. Wasn't meant as an attack or to scare you away. I've just always felt strong about this.

I would rather see no OT than a gimme point

I would like see the same format but start the mini game from farther back like the 55 or your own 50 so that a field goal is not automatic and the offence has to earn their point and the defence can earn the victory.

I'd like to see the mandatory 2pt conversation gone. They've changed the conversation rules...no need for it any more...too gimmicky for me

I don't care what they do with shootout OT. There's nothing that they can do to it to make it not suck. It is an only slightly better way to decide a game than a coin flip.

Doesn't matter how far back they move the possession. There's no special teams, no field position and no clock. It's not football.