3 Officials from last year terminated and 5 sent to CIS

Jeff Hamilton
THREE CFL officials were terminated last season and five were sent back to CIS for more conditioning. CFL says committed to being better.

Glen Johnson isn't one to fool around, I hate to see some people fired, but shows there are consequences

Anyone else have any other sources for this?

Nothing on CFL.ca.

Glen had to do something and I guess this very positive action was
certainly appropriate. I congratulate him.
Nothing ruins a game more than bad or unnecessary calls by an official.

you know... at least it's not like a bad call shifted divisional standings during a back to back series at the end of a season to determine who would get home field advantage in the playoffs.

... or... get duped by someone taking a dive to draw a penalty on a championship winning kick return...

here is the full story


"While fans always complain about officiating, Johnson said they are held accountable. Three were fired last season because of their overall performance, while five others were sent back to gain more development doing university games. Eight prospects will attend the officiating camp this year, the most since about 1992."