3 o.c for jason

in the last year jason maas has had 3 diffent o.c is this maybe why he is stuggling so bad ? let me know what you think

No i think the fact that he couldn't throw the ball over 40 yards was the main factor. He couldn't throw deep so the D clogged all the intermidiate passing lanes, they knew they didn't have to cover past 40 yards.

that was a fine excuse for an air-head like Brady over the Marshall years as to why he couldn't become a starter...

Jason is a professional. the coaching changes, probably not that much of a factor...
the lack of coaching? BIG factor
Jason having to teach the Oline how to block for him instead of rehabbing? BIGGER factor
and well the receivers weren't all that great

aside from that Maas had a horrible year throwing too.. he'll admit that but theres no indication he wont bounce back with a solid year in 2007 (may not translate into wins, but much better football at the very least)

I hear you, Espo. The tackle play of our OL for much of the season left a lot to be desired (Randall was a BIG bust).

Having no receiver coach was also a big problem, IMHO. It gets back to accountability for how plays are executed. There were far too many times from my vantage point where receivers ran sloppy routes at incorrect depths for particular game situations. Sloppy in the sense that breaks were not crisp and that many times, the needed separation between receives and DBs was non-existent.

Under Kerry Joseph's direction in Ottawa, the mobility factor bought a lot of time for plays that would break down to get a second life and receivers like a Jason Armstead could make hay with the extra second or two to break free. With the breakdowns in our O-line and Maas's comparative lack of scrambling (certainly less that Joseph and compounded by a nagging hip pointer), the margins and passing windows that Maas had were not satisfactory time and again.

Jason's arm problems only compounded this picture.

I stated this last year and I will do so again: no quarterback in Canada last season could have had success with Paopao's system in Steeltown with all the confluence of negative factors at play!

Note that Corey Holmes was misused as an offensive threat. For Paopao to not work him into the offense as a weapon in the slot as well as his HB duties was a colossal mix of his Ranekcentric stubborness when Josh was healthy and a recurring brainfart of the highest order.

I expect someone to emerge under Taaffe and have a productive campaign in due course. Jason Maas will have to prove his doubters wrong. I still have confidence he can rebound, but be clear on this: if he can't get on the same page as Charlie Taaffe, someone else in the mix is going to be given the opportunity to start PDQ.

Oski Wee Wee,

I Personally really like jason maas,very much so let's hope he can put a season together for us

I would agree that Maas's shoulder injury played as much as a part of his demise last year as the Offensive scheme did. I don't agree that the Recievers stunk I think that the Scheme stunk and led to the demise of the entire team. Guess that it's rather easy to blame the players who aren't with the Ticats any longer of having been "not very good" time will tell how the Desjardens/Taffe Ticats
will be.