3 new signings and Hickman not at camp yet

From Drew Edwards' blog:

"#Ticats DE Justin Hickman not at training camp, three new players signed

The Ticats have finished their first session of the five-hour long power practice at McMaster and are getting set to start the second. The weather is spectacular and there are probably 75 people in stands - the biggest training camp crowd I've seen outsie of Black and Gold Day.
The team added three players this morning - the details are below - and the only player from rookie camp no longer here is junior player Danny Brown.

The other notable asbsence is veteran defensive end Justin Hickman who has been placed on the suspended list for personal reasons. Team sources say that he's expected in camp shortly.

As you would expect, the speed and the intensity of the action is up considerably.

Here are the new bodies.

  • defensive back Marcus Ezeff, a 5-11, 219-pound native of Santa Rosa, California, recorded 153 tackles and three interceptions over four seasons at California.

  • import linebacker Marty Mohamed,a 6-1, 235-pound native of Brawley, California, made 254 tackles during his four-year collegiate career at Cal Poly.

  • import offensive lineman Jason Thomas, a 6-3, 295-pound native of North Little Rock, Arkansas, played four seasons at Arkansas Pine Bluff."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/06/ticats-de-justin-hickman-not-at-training-camp-three-new-players-signed.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... igned.html[/url]

The teams announcement of the player signings:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-add-trio-as-training-camp-kicks-off]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-add ... -kicks-off[/url]

All the same info pretty much but contains links to their player profiles.

I could have swore I seen him in street clothes throwing a football with Bo Smith after practice…

Really? Interesting..

Can anyone confirm if it was Darrell Adams that was helping out on the sidelines? I was pretty sure I saw him there.

Wow can you imagine if he came back?

Turns out you're right, Darrel Adams is the new strength and conditioning coach. Roger Dunbrack left to pursue other opportunities, best of luck to him.

Does anyone have a Hickman update?

I had a feeling that might be the case when I read that Dunbrack left. I am glad to see DA back with the organization.

Wasn't DA also coaching locally or something of that sort? I remember reading a thread about that maybe 10-14 month ago?

Glad to see he likes the Hammer and is back with the team in some capacity. Passionate guy for sure.

I'm still rather concerned about Hickman I must say.. I just hope all is well with him more than anything. I would assume Drew has asked questions daily about him but he isn't reporting anything. I don't care about personal details but rather just to know he is okay.

Hickman has me worried. Hopefully it's a personal matter that required immediate attention.

That's a mighty strange thing to hope for but I see your point.

You're not alone, I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. (Excuse my negative attitude)

Drew Edwards reports that Hickman is back today. Great news!


Great news. I don't know nor care why he's been away.

Good, now let’s get the league’s most dangerous DE duo going. :twisted:

A big piece of our new aggressive style(just like the old days)defence is now in place.
Great news!!! :thup:

Nice to here he is back :thup:

HickMan , I'll be back..... :thup: