3 more sleeps til' the Semifinals!

Well the time is near. Just wanted to say the people in Vegas arent wrong to often( Calgary 3.60 vs. Sask. 1.55 ) but with the unpredictability of the rosters it'll still be interesting come Sunday. I just hope for the Stamps' sake that Neil Terna-who-the-heck-ski has some magic in him. No distractions here in Regina, thats for sure. I can't wait to hear the words, Kerry Joseph, roll off the tongue of whoever is presenting the MOP award. Someone said there is a game in Winnipeg too. Oh yeah Rams vs. Bisons Saturday.


Can't wait until Game day. Don't really care who wins, as long as the games are close and exciting.

Its like X-Mas a month and a half early this year. I hope we dont get a lump of coal in our stockings. Respect to the players on the Stamps.


Judging by the title, you are not a government employee. Or you just forgot to count naps!!

As usual, this is my favourite time of the year, Cats in it or not, love watching the CFL playoffs.

2 sleeps and counting. Not much on TV now no more Friday night football. 7-7.5 more months to go.

Im pretty pumped!

Big time pumped. The shed is cleaned out, the TV's plugged in, the cooler I'll fill with beer and ice Saturday night, and The Boys are coming over on Sunday for the whole day. It doesn't get any better.