3 more signings March 15


I don't like to get too over-hyped about fresh signings, but Miller looks pretty good.

Miller can play DE or DT, so they can potentially put him in a dual capacity / rotation and free up a roster spot. That is huge.

Me thinks Hawkins might have some serious competition this year.

You can get a little hyped both Taylor and Davis were NFL drafted from DI schools in fromm the ACC and Big ten. Played through there rookie contracts and are in there prime years of 26. Still good enough to play in the NFL but the need for teams to turnover rosters to find new and possiblily better Rookie talent leaves them without a job in the NFL.
Miller after being released by the Bengals inTC could not catch on to a Practice roster playin DE and then DT at a Top DI school in WVU and moved to DT his senior year. HIS loss in the NFL could ery well be the CFL Riders gain. If Miller does come and plays a great DE spot he could be lost to the NFL the other two have had there NFL stint.

Was talking to a friend of mine about Hilee Taylor he is a Tar Heels fan, and he doesn't think much of Taylor. He apparently only had one good year in University and even then he was inconsistent against the good teams. And he didn't make any splash at all in the NFL. So take that for what its worth.. The CFL is definitely a different beast especially for linemen but my excitement for him has dropped. Haven't done much research on the other two guys yet!