Why do we rush only 3 when its second and long..
does it work?..NO..so many times this year the other team got the first down on second and 10 and longer..

With all due respect, your secondary isn't good enough to shut down receivers in man coverage. Right now, you work with what you have. And your front gets decent pressure even with three men.

Montreal rushed 3, and the QB STILL got sacked...

I want to know what’s up with the constant changes in the secondary. 8 changes in 8 games and you wonder why the secondary has problems.

Montreal did
we didn't..thats the point..we don't get much rush..we need to blitz..
more pressure..
we did this in the second half,only 6 points by the Als

They gambled on Shaw and he was a bust, had to cut him. They gambled on Karikari being able to bounce back and he was flat-out awful. You guys just need to get lucky and find a diamond in the rough who can anchor that secondary and settle them down when things get crazy ... not crack and start yelling like a maniac like Anderson.

Now this is funny,

Ticats rush 3 and the other team gets a first down.
Other teams rush 3 or hell even 2 and they get a sack.

So funny.