3 lousy points at home and fans leaving in the 4th...

Madjack I fewel for you guys. My first point is look who is your OC coach this guy has a history of very boring and predictable offensive plays. The other point is Jim Popp is a very good GM but HC I am not sure. YEs injuries have been factor but in watching the game this weekend it was very apparent. What are your thoughts?

I've expressed my thoughts over and over. We need a new OC and Popp made a bonehead negligent error in anointing himself as HC.

This team use to dominate the physical battles. No one wanted to play them. They went to the whistle and played hard with confidence.

Popp has neutered that team. This team has no character because its lead by a dictator. Its so obvious, here is an example. Popp says "We have to be consistent" In the last week everything I read from players is "we have to be consistent" Proux, Chiu...These guys are thinking ! This is not a game where you want to think to much. Its a game of execution and guys have to have fun and want to play hard. Of course you have to be consistent, that's like saying "we ot to score more points then our opponents". What the hell is a player supposed to do as a specific action to "be consistent"

Vercheval said it today. "Stop NOW with the experiments, pick your men and go with them, enough is enough...I don't know if he was hinting at the Fritz/Mudge issue but in any case there are six games left and the time to F around with the rosters unless its injuries has to stop. Popp make your bed and maybe pray a little...

The offense is boring but when an offense isn't executing you go to basic plays and right now this team has no deep treat, QB's have no time to even drop or turnaround. Teams are pinning their ears back and coming off the edge at will. They are sodomising the Als on the goal line game after game. These guys need to reach down and look for their marbles and decide if they want to play ball for themselves and their loved ones cause I sure as hell can't blame them for not wanting to put out for that inept value meal combo of Mini-Pop and RagWeed.

The Don could be harsh but he let his players be men and if you kept doing the same errors IE" Johnson,Denson,Anderson you were gone! Wish he was Popp's boss right about now.


This team is in shambles. Win or lose, a Don Matthews team had character. At their best, those teams had swagger. NOBODY wanted to play us, especially not at home. Now we're a joke.

That is another issue with the team and you can so clearly see it on Calvillo when he comes off the bench. He used to come off the bench confident each drive knowing what he plans to do this drive doing his little flexing thing which I can only assume is some kind of signal. Now he comes off the bench angry because of the plays being called.

The coaching is so clearly the problem with this team. theyve lost the players and theyve lost the fans. I havent been a huge fan of Chris Jones the last couple years but he stabilized the defence this year and it is now the teams strength and he should get the job once popp steps down as coach if that ever happens.

I would also be willing to bet that if Popp and Bellefieulle continue coaching with the als that they will be coaching a sub .500 team that will be playing in front of a lot of empty seats

That's cause now he wonders if he'll walk back to the sideline or be carried off on a stretcher...

I know for a fact that last season Larry Smith told
Strasser when he let him go that he (strasser) was like a bike: the back tire was fine (full of knowledge and schemes for the "O" etc...) but the front tire needed to be polished. Then he told strasser that he was making excusses for the "O" slipping from its previous production. All strasser said was that they needed to up-grade the O-Line on Coach Mcadoo's recommendation keep Jesse Palmer to compete with A.C. because he is old and stationary and finally bring in a back that has the potential to break one play one time and finally add a WR who has big play capability other than Kerry Watkins (Replace "Cope"). For that he was told he was like a bike that needed polish. That is who is running your team. - What happens, strasser out, Mcadoo decides not to return to terrible situation Popp takes the head job after promising both jones and strasser interviews, which they never got and promotes Marcel B. and Brad Miller, both of which had nothing to do with four grey cups in five years. Good luck!

And they say we are not passionate !

Its really hard to fix an Oline, there are no guys you can just sign. You have to grow them through your organisation. To make things worse this crew was never all that good at running the ball. Now they are plain awful. Kind of like "rusty bycicle wheels"