3 lousy points at home and fans leaving in the 4th...

Yes, Brady had a hard time and then

Duval got "punted" and then, and then, and then

But how many fnnn times have the Als' chocked on the goal line this year! and still no jumbo package ! You have guys like Diedrick and Carter to use in such a package but Bellefeuille goes from the shotgun on 2and the goal or today calls a reverse decoy sweep bush trick play and gets pushed back five yards!

Is the man using crayons or an etch and sketch ?

How can you not use Cahoon for 4 quarters of football?

I'm sorry but the Als are in complete dissaray. This team is going nowhere this year with Popp and Bellfeuille. Smith and Wettenhaul are going to have fun trying to fix this mess.

I agree

We saw problems at the goal line the very first games when the als got stood up by Winnipeg and we've seen it over and over again against Regina,BC,Edmonton. This is conclusive proof this coaching staff does not have the skills or and experience to lead a football team. You can make a mistake but when you keep doing it over and over and over again.

Your an idiot !

I hate to pat myself on the back, but what's happened to all the people who tried to pin our offensive woes on A.C.? Hmm, we gave up 6 sacks last night. We had no pass rush. Our OC's schemes couldn't fool a child. We can't make halftime adjustments to save our lives.

And all this without the hated Calvillo at the controls.

The verdict is in: with only 6 games remaining this season, we are in disarray offensively. In a game where our D turned in a stellar job, limiting Als-killer Ray to NO touchdowns over four quarters of football, our offense, once again, tanked.

Fire Bellefeuille. Relieve Popp of his coaching duties. And make Chris Jones the head coach. He's the only coach we have who knows what he's doing.

Well, I am not going to complain about the lack of pass rushing because it looked like Jones preferred to drop more guys in coverage. Seems to have worked too. Esks had 0 touchdowns and I believe Tucker (who killed us for what...210 yards last week?) had only one catch all game. At least one of our coordinators can make adjustments.

I really hope that AC comes back next week but that O-line has really got to get it going. Payton had no holes to run through yesterday.

As far as Popp and Bellefeuille go, I tried to be patient but their innability or unwillingness to change a gameplan that clearly isn't working is completely unacceptable.

Yeah the defence is great-- no pass rush at all. It’s called I hope they drop one before they score and then they will have to punt.
AC coming back-- how depressing.
O Line was terrible last year and of course our hero Popp, who for some reason everybody seems to think is a great GM (maybe because they are comparing him to Popp the Coach)basically strarted the season with one change on the OLine-- drop Okeke and replace him with Fritz. We would be better off playing with 11 guys-- at least our running backs would,t be tripping over Fritz.
By the way, anybody notice that aside from all the sacks, the line couldn’t open even a glimmer of a hole for the Payton.
I think Bellefeuille sucks, but Popp should follow him out the door-- he made himself Head Coach and then chose all the other coaches. He should pay the price.

Crimson, I meant 'no pass-blocking'. Sorry for the confusion. While I really dislike the three-man rush -- as Madden says, the only thing a 'prevent defense' prevents is a win -- our D came to play. When you hold the other team to 16 points and zero touchdowns, you've done your job.

If our offense had even been AVERAGE instead of atrocious, we would have won that game.

You know if this team was in the hands of Strasser and Jones, the Als would have been set for the next decade, instead Popp fires Strasser, appoints himself coach, makes Bellefeuille OC. The starting QB who like his style or not has been durable his whole carreer didn't make it to midseason as predicted by everyone, the offense Bellefeuille built is worst then anything in previous years and getting worse from one game to the next. Yet we still don't have a MLB, no return game, but we have 7 quarterback, players are fighting with each other on the sideline, most of them are clearly not having any fun, the poor media coverage blamed on Don Matthews behavior is less then it was when he was around.

The only bright spot to this season has been the arrival of Bourke, Deslauriers and Payton.

What is it going to take for someone to make an executive decision on that ball team?

Unfortunately, I think the rot goes beyond the on-field results. Nepotism is corrupting the Alouettes and turning our once-proud football operations into a joke. Consider:

  1. Popp doesn't even bother to interview candidates for head coach, hiring himself instead. No applicant with a resume like Popp's would have had a chance in hell at the job unless he were also the person hiring for the position.

  2. Popp doesn't bother to interview candidates for offensive coordinator, and hires Bellefeuille.

Does Larry Smith have the guts to relieve Popp of his head-coaching duties and fire Bellefeuille? When his son is a member of the team and his son-in-law is the kicker, I seriously wonder. There are far too many conflicts of interest in this organization at present.

I understand what you are saying but I dont think nepotism is the problem.....Duval because Smith's son-in-law lomg after he came to Montreal and as for his son....its only been a coiuple of games.

The problem is with the management structure.

You have an owner who knows little about football but who feels safe with Smith who got him the franchise and by sheer luck when the team moved downtown started turning a profit.

You have a president who has political aspirations and is strictly interested with the marketing of himself and the team, basicaly a media whore.

You have a GM who has an ego the size of his Hummer and is so inexperienced in managing people that he is making all the classical errors...Trying to do too much, poor listener and rutless to anyone who does not share his opinion.

So at the coaching position we are paralysed and rotting from the core. The president dosen't want to touch if for fear of being unpopular with the fans and finaly you have an owner who has no clue what to do because he has no knowledge of the company's inner working, the game or the market he is in. So what does he do? Invite his old friend Don to the house for a drink and remember the old days.

Now that is depressing!

You don't think conflicts of interest can appear on their own? Sure Duval wasn't Smith's son-in-law when he came here. But he is now, and I firmly believe that it's a conflict of interest. Let's face it, Duval does not bring enough to the table to warrant using an import spot on a kicker. He's not consistently good enough and he's a bit of a loose canon. I don't wish injury on anyone, but Duval's injury yesterday was his own fault and no one else's. If he'd just eaten the ball after the blocked punt, he never would have gotten injured. He gets tossed from games and misses easy field goals. Why are we wasting an import spot when the returns aren't worth it?

It's not that Duval is somehow single-handedly responsible for the team's woes. But Duval is a microcosm of what's wrong with this team. He's entrenched in his position for reasons that have more to do with his off-field connections than his actual ability as a kicker. And we can say the exact same thing about Popp and Bellefeuille. It's a bad football culture.

Duval is a notch above every other kicker in the league especialy his punting. I don't have a problem with him pounding Smith's daugher as well as the ball....Its actually kind of funny. He's pounding the prez's little football LOL!


I hate it when a montreal team does poorly even more so when I have season tickets but I am not passing up an opportunity like this.

On july 10th I wrote the following:

So to all you people that told me to give Popp a chance and that the team is still growing and will get better:


I saw this problem in the first few weeks of the season and recognized this isnt something you grow out of. You dont grow out of stupid it haunts you to the day you die and Bellefieulle is living proof of this but we hired him anyways.

And just to spite you people that said they will get better as the season goes on I hope Popp stays as head coach and Bellefieulle as OC for not only this year but next year and the year after so you can see just how poor your judgement and personel evaluation skills really are

The season is far from over. There are still 6 games to play and then the playoffs. Twice since 2000 an 8-10 team won the cup.

I will wait till the Als' season is over before I

:P or :oops:

Let me ask you this. Were either of those teams so poorly coached to the point where they are completely unable or unwilling to make hafltime adjustments?

Im pretty sure the calgary team that did that recently was coached by Buono (correct me if Im wrong).

It is not THAT the team is losing it is HOW and WHY the team is losing. Even when the team wins they are winning because of a strong first half and then disappear in the second half and when they lose they get worse as the game wears on. No matter what the score we are always calling the same handfull of innefective plays even when the opposition takes those plays away. That is not a winning formula

  1. I guess the other teams are bad then, and the opposition drops often, right? Because Montreal has a dominant Defense, and look at the stats, and let them do the talking.

  2. You’re right. I mean Calvillo is not good. He can only complete about 80% of his passes. He should be able to see pressure coming from his blind spot, shouldn’t get tired for running around because of pressure. These past weeks, only show that no matter who the Als have taking the snaps, they can’t move the ball. Maas, Brady both failed to fill in for Calvillo and do better themselves.

  3. How long have you followed this team? That’s all I have to say about that remark. If you followed the team for a while, you’d come across a bunch of no names that have made a name for themselves in either CFL and/or NFL.

Popp and Bellefeuille are coaching this team into the ground. Though I am not as extreme in my views as mada7, I have given up hope that our offense can turn things around.

A while back, I made a promise to reserve judgment until the halfway point of the season. Well, we're now past that point and this offense is as terrible as it was when we opened the season. It doesn't matter who's behind centre when our coaching is this bad. Here's our offense in a nutshell:

  1. Run the ball up the middle. Static handoff to a running back with no play-action possibility, even when we have a mobile QB like Brady in the game. God forbid we try some sweeps, screens, shovels, or pitches. That might, you know, KEEP THE OTHER TEAM GUESSING.

  2. A short pass on second down that, by law, must be at least two yards shorter than the actual yardage we need to get a first down. This pass must be thrown to a stationary receiver, preferably in such a way as to maximize the potential for a) receiver injury and b) interceptions.

  3. Crossing routes to receivers in motion. We only get to run this play once per game because that's how often our QB has time for the play to develop.

  4. No play progression, which is for wusses. Why confuse a defense with the same look generating different plays when you can run the same play and look over and over again until defenses key in on it and render you completely ineffective? Which leads to...

  5. Halftime adjustments are for wusses. Our offensive philosophy seems to be: hope to hell we have a good first half, because we sure aren't scoring in the second.

...and to top it all off....

We're just boring as all get out to watch this year.

Never said that about an Alouettes' squad in a heck of a long time.