3 hour comedy

ro, what the hell are you talking about? Who cares if the NFL had a goalpost on the goal line? and who cares why they moved it? I responded to your comment, and commented on how I dont like having it, as I feel it to be a danger. Whats your problem dude?

i'd love to know how my opinion on whether or not I think the goalpost is a danger, displays the amount of knowledge I have about the two leagues!?! nevermind makes me a hypocrite? .. haha .. unreal.


You claimed that having the goalpost on the goal line is retarded!


You try to show that the NFL is better because they have the goalpost at the end of the endzone.

My point is you dont even know why it is there!!!!!!

You also showed that you know nothing about football by quoting the dimentions of the post which are meaningless. They are not.... bolted to the ground at the goaline

Three things that make comedy!

  1. NFL the same little dinky field and wow 4 downs to get 10 yards! Now that is funny!
    2)StatiK76 - Now here is a guy that could replace any of the three stooges hands down!
    4)GO BOMBERS!!! He has a team to cheer for in the CFL now that is funny! ANd seriously why does it have to be the Bombers now that is halarious! :lol:

12 days to go for what? For you to watch boring football! :lol:

12 days until we don't have to hear this kind of crap anymore. That's what I'm thankful for. playmaker88 and StatiK76 and all the other guys who'd wet their pants for a chance to meet guys like TO, who would punch you in the face if you tried to shake his hand because his hand is worth more than your life will have other things to do than come here and waste our time with posts about the NFL's superiority.

StatiK76, wrong forum! Try NFL.com. Should have a whole whack of guys agreeing with you there. Just a thought.

I guess StatiK76 found a board buddy! They should do well agreeing with each other on another forum!

wow. Some of you really are touchy about other people football preferences eh? Is it so bad that a person watches both leagues, but has a preference for the other? Is it so horrible for someone to comment on the # of mistakes in a CFL football game?

talk about your inferiority complex's and defensive knee-jerk reaction responses .. instead of discussing the topic with a rational conversation, most of you would rather hurl highschool styled insults and sway the discussion to unrelated topics.

sad. offhand, how old are some of you? am I dealing primarily with highschool students here? I get that impression ..


You're kidding right?? '76 still hung out here last year because the nfl IS so boring he had too much time on his hands and apparently doesn't know how to use time constructively :lol:

I used to watch the NFL, but was bored of it after awhile. It's pretty much hype, with no real play. Like the Super Bore, where the halftime show is the show, and the game is a minor sideline.

I am American and I moved to Toronto about 6 years ago, from Florida.

I have found a real love for the CFL and for the Argos.

I agree with the fact that NFL is way overhyped and when you watch it you think to yourself "That's IT???". Always expecting more and waiting for something spectacular, which never actually happens.

THe CFL is exciting football with exciting players.

In Toronto, there seems to be a lot of NFL fans. There rationale is "Toronto is a world-class city, we deserve a world-class league."

The fact is that the American media has over-hyped the NFL so much that even now Canadians think its a world-class league. They're just wannabees who want to have something in common with Americans. Its 'cool' in Toronto to talk about the NFL, because there are no domestic teams and it shows that you're "in" if you are knowledgable about the NFL. They wear NFL jerseys over CFL jerseys to show off.

I say F U to those people, the CFL is a better league, with different, more exciting kinds of players. Too bad some Canadians are too stuck up to realize it.

I'm posting this in a new thread.

I think it brings up a lot of important points.

Very well put!

amazing, you people are whacked… I love the CFL - who’s disagreeing with you? There are many aspects I love of the CFL and the NFL. Why do you all care so much which league i prefer?

I have 3 season ticket seats, two years ago I had season tickets in Winnipeg AND Calgary, I have never missed a labour day classic in Regina since I was 15 (i’m 30), I even attend BOTH labour day classics in 24 hours now (regina/calgary) via CAR!! I purchase cfl merchandise like mad, i drop like 50 on beer every game, i tailgate EVERY game, i’ve attended multiple grey cups, and i watch nearly every single game of the season. I also have NFL Sunday ticket, my wife and my best friends watch Sunday morning to Sunday Night, and we feast on alchohol and incredible meals the entire day … and do it again but even BIGGER on Monday Night. I have played football since I was 11, through to junior, now I play mens league football in the Alberta Football League and it takes up 3-4 nights a week … i literally live football every day. and now i’m dealing with surgery on a broken ankle from the second last game of the year on the worst (team) season ever, and have surgery scheduled for sep27th for my wrist that i played the entire season with broken… yet … you idiots actually tell me i dont have a right to prefer the NFL? you’re all laughable … get real.

and all i said was there are more mistakes in the CFL …


Good on you Static.

I think there are more mistakes in the CFL because there is much more risk-taking required.

Personally I'm delighted that you prefer
the NFL. When the season starts you wont be here trolling anymore

Only one whacked is you! No one gets the impression you even like the CFL because of the way you constantly put it down and place the nfl on your pedistal. BTW there are mistakes in all pro. sports no more or less then any other league. :wink:

Oh I see now you are being called out and you are now a firm CFL fan! That is mighty handy now is it not. Maybe you should learn the differences of the lettering before coming on to the site CFL stand for Canadian Football League and the NFL Stands for the National Football League. Coming onto the CFl and trashing it and its fans is not smart do you not think! Sorry your the one Whacked! :lol: