3 hour comedy

Wow. Want to know the real difference between the CFL and the NFL? The comedy roll of errors in each game ...

seriously, a fumble, an interception, about 10 incomplete passes, HORRENDOUS play calling, and total disorganization in the last two minutes ... a friend of mine actually asked me how this league was even televised!! it was a comedy of errors ... The funniest part was putting Banks in with 40 seconds left, I called a pick before he lined up ... Gawd we laughed .. thats all you can do is laugh .. or cry i spose.

thank gawd .. 12 days left.


Go now!
Who is stopping you?

Just waiting for regular season sweetheart.
Besides; I like comedy.


You must like comedy if you prefer the NFL.

Go watch the league where the QBs are not smarten enough to throw the ball over the crossbar so they move it to the back of the endzone.

Go enjoy the league where the punt returner is afraid to get hit so they wave their hand and promise not run if they promise not to hit him…

Its a great league that cant get 10 yards in 3 downs so they give themselves an extra try!!!

You go watch the imitation league…you wont be missed here

I wasen't referring to the rule differences. They are different games ..

However, I must comment that having a large steel poll with a 6 inch foam pad wrapped around it, ON the goalline is beyond retarded.

I digres .. I am very familiar with the differences in the game play .. It was the errors I was referring to.

ro, you are under some sort of impression that i dislike the CFL, which couldnt be further from the truth. I love it - but at least I am not blind with love that I cannot recognize or acknowlage the ridiculous string of errors in a lot of CFL games.


The Bombers big mistake is when they decided not to use Charles Roberts in the second half of that game. He had almost 100 yds rushing in the 1st half, so why not keep using him? Its a simple strategy , really, keep the ball out Damon's hands. Give Roberts the ball and eat up the clock. Bombers got away from that, and deserved to lose the game.

Saying that there is only 12 days left and being thankful for it kind of insinuates that you can hardly wait for the NFL season to start.

And the goalpost isn't on the goal line, its a couple yards back.

i'm busted.

"Vertical posts (goal posts) shall be placed and centred on each goal line. The distance between the posts shall be 18 feet 6 inches. The goal posts shall extend 40 feet above ground level and shall be joined by a crossbar parallel to the ground at a height of 10 feet. The diameter of each post above the crossbar shall be not less than 3 inches or greater than 4 inches. At the extreme top of each post there shall be attached a coloured ribbon 4 inches wide and 42 inches long. A wishbone type or single shaft goal post assembly may be used provided that it complies with the above standards, and the base of the assembly is not further than 75 inches from the goal line."

hilarious. its a dangerous static obsticle on a football field. its personal opinion i suppose. i play and i hate it. whatever.


Mistakes are inevitable in a game where taking risks in a requirement if a team wishes to win.

In the NFL, theres no risks taken, and thus fewer mistakes and drama. yawn

The goal post is a goose-neck... the only part thats on the is the cross bar & uprights which are at & above 10 feet. The rules provide that within the 5 yard line, the ball is moved to the closest hash mark. The goal post is rarely an obstacle.

The NFL does a great job promoting its players as demi-gods... The NFL Films, NFL Network snippets of 3-13 teams recounting their seasons will focus on the minor success they had in their lousy seasons & never point out short commings or mistakes.

An NFL interception is always a great defensive read, never a poor QB/WR decision... NFL netwrok productions dearly avoid focusing on the plethora of mistakes made... from camera angles, to direction to play by play coverage...

This is the difference.

i dodge that post about a dozen times nearly every game ... pass routes inside within the 20, any run within the 10 yard line, converts, 2pt attempts, even kick and punt returns. you have no idea what you are talking about.

and no, i am more than aware of the production differences between the two leagues. its a matter of mistakes.



You have friends?????? :o

Unlike the constant perfection that is in your beloved nfl?? :lol:

Yes, Joe.

Sad but true.

You are such a hippocrate Statik
The NFL used to have the goal post over the goal line just like the CFL does.
It was not moved because of safety reason it was moved because the QB kept bouncing passes off it, that is a fact!!!

Saying that keeping it on the goal like is retarded just shows how little you know about both the Canadian and American game

If i hadnt of seen it, i wouldnt of believed it. It truely was unbelievable.

Hmmm, I wonder if a 30 second play clock would make a difference...

...maybe fewer rushed plays would mean fewer errors

...just a thought.

You have suggested that before(at least I think it was you.)
Why on earth would you want more dead time in the game.

Just to see if there would be fewer errors if you increased the play clock, just a touch.