3 headed monster.

who has the best 3 headed monster,

montreal- cahoon,edwards,calvillo

edmonton- tucker-davis-ray

calgary. copeland-burris-and w/e tht running backs name is

toronto- allen-avery-miles

BC- dickenson-warren-simon

i say edmonton, cant go wrong with the champs..and the second would be calgary(as much as i hate to say it)

Of course BC does. That is not even a question. :lol:

Hmmm... If I'm 3rd and seven and I want a guarantee 1st Down....Calvillo to Cahoon.

I do like Ray, Tucker and Davis

I do not know Burris to Lewis sure worked well.

What about Wynn to Simon, oh wait that is 2 years ago. :oops:
I mean Dickenson to Simon, or Clermont, or Warrenn or or or or

EDM, MTL, BC in that order