3 games left for Brian Hall.. excited??

Well, 3 more season games and we don't have to put up with Brian's crazyness anymore... I for one am very excited! finally someone who can call the game and have his audience members able to understand what is going on will be a nice change!

Sirius broadcasts pick up the home team’s feed. I was driving home from somewhere and had to listen to the first half of the Esks-Tabbies game on the radio. Radio games aren’t new to me, as I’ve listened to dozens if not hundreds of Rider games over the years. But on this one, I swear, I don’t think I ever knew what the actual down and distance or line of scrimmage was until I got home and turned on the TV. It was like listening to a guy from Alabama cover a hockey game…

Update: Eskimos and 630 CHED will introduce Morley Scott (former Edmonton Oilers colour man) as their new play by play man. News conference expected on Tuesday.

Will Morley be the right fit for the new Play-by-Play man for the Esks?

We'll find out when he steps to the plate in home game #1. He won't have a problem callin the game. 8)