3 games in one day

I got to agree with you, Robert. CFL football is great entertainment but when it seems they are shoving it down my throat, it sure cramps my Saturday style.

…this forum wails when there is no football, then wails when there’s an abundance…

LOL! When I buy a jug of milk, it’s for a 3 or 4 day consumption. I can imagine what would happen if I downed it all with one 15 minute meal and then rushed out to play football. Overconsumption is often problematic.

I thought that this was the purpose of this site: whinging, wailing and complaining and being armchair football players. This is my god-given right as a curmudgeon.

But there is no abundance. We’re still getting the same 4 games a week; we’re just cramming three of them into one day.
The best thing would be one Thursday, one Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday. That way there’s only 3 days a week WITHOUT football. Even one Friday night, one Saturday afternoon, one Saturday night and one Sunday afternoon. Glorious!

I don’t think forums really have any other purpose. :slight_smile:

sure it does.

primary purpose is for those of us who know better to educate those who don’t :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have one cfl game/day as you say…here is the thing TSN also broadcasts NFL games Thursdays and Sundays…so you have a conflict with scheduling leagues on the same night and NFL is BIG BUCKS compared to the CFL so it stands to reason the NFL is the big shot here and you go where the money is…others on this board would know better than I…but I think the CFL would lose some of their TV audience going up against an NFL game…maybe 2 games Friday night and 2 on Saturday as a compromise, then there is also the league trying to accommodate the home teams preferences for game times and dates.

Problem with that is CFL ratings don’t go down when up against NFL at same time. Maybe they are worried they won’t get maximum NFL ratings when going head to head with the CFL.

I totally agree why else is the playoffs and Grey Cup on Sunday as its the most appropriate time to watch and attend .

I would like more Sunday afternoon games in the fall especially late September and October leading up to the playoffs .

You actually gain a bit momentum with NFL Sundays as it wets your appetite more for our game and going live .

When I see a game from the states on Sunday I wish I could be there ; well if you have a home game or two or three Sunday you get your chance .

I don’t see it…everywhere I read NFL viewership is up in Canada on sundays…like this…

.Last weekend’s Sunday late-afternoon NFL game, Dallas-Pittsburgh, outdrew even the CFL Eastern semi-final playoff game — 981,000 to 903,000. The Western semi drew 1.06 million.

or this…

Previously this season, Sunday NFL games regularly thumped late-season Sunday CFL games. That is, from early September through early November, according to weekly Numeris numbers posted at Yahoo! Sports Canada.

these are excerpts from the Toronto Sun in 2016.

if i am a CFL team, and i read this I wouldn’t want to go opposite the NFL but maybe you have have found something that says the opposite and is more recent than 2016

When the CFL played a couple of games on Sundays, the ratings were still good, some were stronger than they are on Saturdays now. Worst spot is Saturday nights against HNIC.

I think the CFL should have at least 1 game on Sundays still. Not up against the early games for NFL where 2/3rds of the games seem to be played but in the mid afternoon.

Sunday is traditional football day. CFL should be on it.

That could also leave a time slot on Saturdays for future Usports Football games.

I prefer CFL football anytime but Sunday afternoons.

Sunday is the one day of the week the wife and I try and get out of the house and do something…anything…

Hiking, beaches, markets, etc.

Home games on Sundays are my absolute least favourite.

Would rather a Friday night game than a Sunday game.

Heck, would rather a Thursday night game than Sunday.

But I know many feel Sunday is football day. (it just doesn’t have to be)

I agree 100%. The CFL should be offering an alternative to the NFL on Sunday, rather than football fans having to switch to the NFL for their Sunday football fix.

Sunday CFL ratings used to be comparable or higher than the NFL, up until CTV/TSN took over the NFL broadcasts. NFL ratings have steadily increased since then (with TSN using the popularity of the CFL to promote NFL games.)

I see the CFL being marginalized with these 3 games on Saturday, which also obscures USports football games.

TSN/CFL seem happy to go head-to-head against HNIC on Sat. night but not against the NFL on Sunday? Does that help the CFL… or TSN?

I’d like the league to schedule a late afternoon Sunday game all season, in the same time-slot across Canada (i.e. 5:00 p.m. ET). Then fans will always know when the CFL game is on Sunday and won’t be “forced” to watch the NFL.

The CFL obligingly helped build the Thursday night football audience on TSN with solid ratings, then turned tail and runs to a new time-slot (Saturday anyone?) to open the door for the NFL TNF (which generates only comparable ratings to the CFL despite CTV garnering the rating points of anyone watching the American channels in Canada.)

NFL Sunday ratings are the combined viewership of all the NFL games broadcast in that time-slot. CTV always Sim-Sub’s Sunday games, adding anyone watching the Fox or CBS broadcast on cable TV to CTV/TSN ratings.

Despite this, NFL ratings are not “incredible” or a "huge money-maker"as has been described.

The combined ratings of several NFL games last Sunday (on CTV1/CTV2/TSN/Fox/CBS) were around 800,000, lower than one Rider game on TSN this season!

Definitely Tt hey definitely need to put more games back on sundays, that is the day we should be watching these cfl games, especially after labour day. There should be 2 Sunday games per week. Never mind the nfl , their games are just starting, they are meaningless at this time of the year.


And 97VALKERYIE did you mention the NFL gets on CTV which has a 5 MILLION bigger reach then TSN has and on ROGERS you have to PAY to get TSN?? And that ARGOS game you mention SHOULD have gotten the PRIME TIME spot but CTV doesn’t want the CFL as COMPETITION? MORE to the numbers then you think guy

So TIRED of CAnadian sports fans getting treated like SECOND CLASS citizens in their own country. WE have to schedule OUR games around sports in OTHER countries? No THURSDAY cuz its NFL THURSDAY. NO SUNDAY cuz its NFL SUNDAY. NO MONAY Night cuz its NFL MONDAY night? Like WTH?

I mean whats next? CFL plays 9 AM games on a Wednesday? Or hows about every game is played after MIDNIGHT?

Today I have things to do. I can’t watch at LEAST two of the games. If I don’t watch the late one I miss the WHOLE week of play? Like this is what TSN considers promoting the CFL? SOMETHING has to be done IMO

Overall, I agree with the sentiment of your post. My understanding of the situation is that someone, somewhere – and these folks presumably (I am not saying this sarcastically) know more about marketing and audiences than us – has determined that where there are scheduling conflicts between the NFL and the CFL, the NFL wins. Thus the broadcasters or high priests of football avoid any conflicts so as not to negatively impact CFL viewership. Whether or not there is any basis in fact to this philosophy is not something about which I am knowledgeable enough to debate. I just have to take their word for it.

Having said that, for my part, where there is a conflict in scheduling between the NFL and the CFL, the CFL wins hands-down, each time, every time nor matter who is on deck.

Three games in a single sitting is just too much for me. I have other stuff that needs to get done. Perhaps if the day comes when I am in an old folks warehouse spilling soup on my shirt and soiling my depends, I will have all the time in the world to watch endless football games. Thankfully, I have not reached that stage so I would love to see the games spread out over the week.

I have to give a nod to your comment about TSN wanting to get the CFL outta the way asap. Again, I don’t know if this is true or not but I certainly agree with you that there seems to be this situation where Canadian sports fans are an afterthought with the big broadcasters. The old Canadian inferiority complex is still very much alive it seems.

On that note – and this may be a stupid question – exactly how is the CFL schedule determined? Is it a coalition of broadcasters and CFL brass?

Robert TSN will GLADLY put the CFL up against Hockey Night which IMO is a DUMB thing to do.
But they REFUSE to hurt their NFL broadcasts in any way.

Its obvious CTV does NOT want any CFL games against their broadcasts to hurt their ratings.
WHY is this?
I mean NFL is NEVER coming to Canada why do our networks keep kissing their butts?

And its NOT more popular in Canada outside of the huge media promotion it gets up here for some reason.

Whatother country promotes foreigners over their own like we do? CFL is OURS we should be promotion OURS not THEIRS.

I’ll never understand the mentality of this country

It all gets down to this inferiority complex that we have as a country. It is almost a psychosis. Despite the bleating and horn blowing we do about how “great” we are we still seem to have this collective need to prove ourselves against the world stage rather than just being who we are and not worrying about what others think or trying to emulate their culture (like the whole “world class city” status to which far too many Canadian cities strive).

I miss the old Canada that just minded its own business, chipped in on world efforts when called upon but then went quietly back to the business of living when the dust settled. We were a backwater nation and we did just fine without trying to be something we are not: big players. Rome was a big player and where are they now? Great Britain was a big player and where are they? And look a the chaos in Great Britain’s successor: the USA. There much to envy about being a backwater nation.

Yes, the NFL probably has more skilled and talented players than the CFL. They get paid more and they are feted like pharaohs (and some of them act like pharaohs too) The games are filled with excitement, hoopla and fanfare. The half time shows are, in my opinion examples of excess, hyperbole and bad taste. But that is just old stick-in-the-mud me.

The CFL on the other hand, is low-key. The players are part of the community (because they gotta take part-time jobs). Last year I had a chance to me two of my favourite CFL players. They were courteous, engaging, generous with their time and seemed genuinely grateful and humble with the adulation and respect given to them by their fans. I posted my encounter on Farceborg and an American friend piped up and said: “that would never happen down here”.

I for one, could not care less if the NFL ever comes north, nor would I ever want to see the CFL expand to the USA. I would rather us just go about the business of being who we are, doing things like we do and supporting OUR game which, in my opinion, is far and away more exciting to watch than the American version. I have nothing against the Americans nor the NFL. In fact I see the powerhouse NFL as being beneficial to the CFL in many ways. That being said, there can be a coexistence of both leagues without one trying to be a clone of the other. Just because you get along fine with your neighbour and you help each other out, does not mean you have to join houses.

And that will end my philosophical rant for today.

I personally don’t like 3 games on a saturday, one maybe 2 at the most on a sunday , that is my preference, I have other things to do and my butt can’t take it…i haven’t watched a complete NFL game ever…i just don’t care about that league…there are others who do and with all the betting and gambling done on those games maybe that is why it is so popular, it engages you…and unfortunately the networks cater to them because they are in it not for the fan but for the profit…