3 games in one day

…buy a sports media company and change the world then…

Precisely. My constant mantra. In Toronto it’s all about wannabee New York or Los Angeles.


That is 100% correct, what most of us and especially those living in the “world class” Toronto region have been saying for years.
It’s actually getting worse.

This wasn’t necessarily about avoiding the NFL, though that does play into things when looking at scheduling on Sundays after Labour Day. It’s more of a balancing act with the wants of the teams (weekend games, as attendance is better then) and TSN (weekday games, as ratings are better then). The one day that often works for everyone is Saturday.

Hmm - 3 games in one day an issue?

Seems to me that other pro football league which plays games in just 5 time slots each week - schedules 3 of those in just one day (1:00PM, 4:25PM and 8:20PM) every Sunday all season long and fans don’t seem to have an issue with that. Same with US College football on Saturdays where you can be watching their games from Noon to past 11:00PM every Saturday.

that’s why Americans are FAT. We in Canada don’t sit home for 12 hours to watch sports. CFL with their audience should be getting PRIME TIME every game.

where do you get 12 hrs from. Only 9 in one day.

bottom line, 4 games a weeks vs 6+ televised. I think if football is our only use for tv, then we get more exercise than the usa citizens

Do you prefer three games in one day? Or three games in one week?

I couldn’t watch Redblacks game the night before as I had prior commitments…I taped it and watched it Saturday morning and then watched the next 3 games…I kissed ass all Sunday to my wife for watching 4 games…lmao

Vermont with no hockey on I want a CFL game primetime on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At most a doubleheader on Friday or Saturday. Can’t be scheduling the CFL around the soccer game in France

I prefer the games spread out more myself but hey, with a PVR it’s not a huge issue.

Aerial I used to tape games in the old VCR days. But problem is you always found out the final score before you watched or the tape would stop before the game ended! Live is best IMO

I just checked this week’s schedule… another 3 games in one day.

I enjoy watching CFL. But, one game a day is preferred. I have other things I want to do. Or other things to watch on tv. Or maybe even leave the house! LOL

Since there are only 3 or 4 games a week, I like to watch them all. I don’t mind 2 on Friday night. It’s a dull night to begin with.

My preferences are…1. 1 game each: Thurs, Fr, Sat and Sun (in the afternoon, on Sun) 2. 1 game Fri, 2 games Sat and 1 game Sun…

I realize that the TV schedule has a lot to do with the game schedule. There are other sports that share TV time.

This seems to be a fairly new occurrence. I would prefer they change it.

If your sponsors are reading any of these comments…when there are 3 games on in one day, I end up only watching some of each game (usually a few plays at the beginning, and maybe the last 5 minutes) and often miss one completely. Therefore, I’m not seeing your commercials.

Week #19 and 21 have 3 games on Saturday also.

That’s stupid.
As much as most of us here do not like the concept, it may have been fine for the one off when it was dubbed unofficially football day in Canada.
But then to have several of these throughout the season, for me that is stupid to play most if not all games on one day.
It appears to me how TSN scheduling is calling the shots?

3 game Saturday is the best Saturday ever.

One shouldn’t assume one knows why it is happening.

I don’t understand it either. Do most teams find that attendance is better on Saturdays than on Sundays?


on three game Saturdays I find it tough to watch every game and still have a life outside the man cave. Still, I don’t mind as long as it’s for a very good reason, such as increased attendance for those games. I can still check in remotely on my phone and at least have my IP registered for ratings purposes.

Three games in one day is excessive. Much as I love football, there is that old adage about “too much of a good thing” and all.

I would rather see the games spread out over the week with maybe two games on a Friday or Saturday. My missus is already crooked with me over my football marathons and which take away from my chores…

PVR’ing the games is certainly an option but the problem for me is unless I watch the games in real time, I cannot alter the outcome using the cosmic powers of my mind.

as much as CFL is my first love, having all games on Fri or Sat lets me have NFL sunday on the side :slight_smile: