3 games in one day

I thought it was ridiculous for the CFL to play THREE games in ONE DAY. If people get the days mixed up they basically miss the whole week. Can’t help the ratings NOBODY is gonna sit thru 12 hours of football. Its like TSN is trying to get the CFL out of the way for the week. I mean they have 5 channels couldn’t they put a game a night on a coupe of them instead of cramming it all into one day? Hopefully TSN doesn’t try to make the CFL play the whole season in ONE WEEKEND!

I don’t know … I watched all three. Though if the Cats had lost game one, I probably would have skipped game 2 and tuned back in for the Edmonton/Calgary game.

The real drag is for Winnipeg fans who went to the game, and were forced to miss the end of the Hamilton/Toronto game and the start of the Edmonton/Calgary game, just so they could see their team lose.

dave they got 5 channels why not have the third game on Sunday night on maybe 2 of the 5 channels. I would have watched especially Edmonton Calgary. Hard to believe the CFL has to make their schedule so TSN can show other programming the rest of the week.

But don’t forget not everyone gets all 5 channels. As I understand it, TSN 1, 3, 4, and 5 are regional channels, and TSN 2 is the second channel, kind of like ESPN2. If you don’t pay extra for your cable package, you’ll get only one of 1/3/4/5. We shouldn’t reduce CFL viewership by reducing the number of viewers that can get those games.

I did, though I also did other stuff at the same time. Enjoyed every minute of it.

last I heard, 3 x 3 = 9

TSN also shows Sunday Night NFL so I don’t think they want to split their audience. I think it’s smart wrapping up the week by Sunday for CFL. The CFL does hold it’s own ratings wise, but it’s better to just not split the audience.

Maybe he meant EST and is counting the Friday game

which went into Saturday East . :wink:

Maybe go to another network when the time is up TSN is not growing the league with controlling the schedule to suit their NFL needs .

CFL needs to do what’s in the best interest for bums in the seats first then get a distributer for media not the other way around .

If people are watching NFL at home and wishing they wish they could go and see a game live on Sunday maybe the CFL is losing opportunity in the Fall months to get some of those appetites filled .

CFL could fill that desire on Sunday afternoon for tailgating and football .

it could have nothing to do with TSN. It is possible that they had trouble scheduling it differently

what sirius xm station played the games?

i was driving home and had to listen to the hamilton game through 1150 TSN radio. Then wasn’t able to find the banjo bowl. Arrived home mid way through the BB game, so caught it, as well as Calgary/Edmonton game.

I loved it, bring it on a full day of CFL ball baby. Once team 10 is in, then friday night double header and 3 on Saturday.

I watched all 3 - but like others, I did other things as well.

As stated earlier, the NFL has done this for years on Sunday.
The NHL does this for Hockey Day in Canada, and I think sometimes there are 4 games if one of the teams plays a US based team.

I missed the beginning of the Ham/Tor game, but enjoyed watching all the games.

I don’t think the CFL plans to do this every year, but if they set it up with Football Canada, why not make it a football day in Canada. They could have interviews and score updates for USPORTS games going on at the same time.

I like the early games, and having the CFL double headers on Saturdays earlier when the NHL starts would be good as well, so they don’t have to go up against HNIC.

Even though I attended the one game then watched the other two, the concept is good but we do not have enough teams like the No Funners, to make this viable.
However if this continues by the commish, there has to be a greater marketing effort and to include all games on the mother CTV network.
Don’t get me going on that aspect, as the league has failed miserably in not having CTV show at least one game per week and then all of the playoffs and GC.

Three games one after another was really bad! Really, really, really bad. I had C.J. Gable as one of my RB picks in Fantasy and I missed out on hearing the information that Gable would not after all play against the Stampeders because I was tuned into the Blue Bombers-Roughriders game to the bitter end. I was incensed when I turned on the Eskimos-Stampeders game and learned I’d be getting a big fat zero for one of my RB picks.


That’s a Sirius satellite only station, is it not?




edit: do you mean Channel 167?

I believe you do.


absolutely no mention of cfl games though :frowning:

edit: scratch that. THey don’t mentioned it, but on their schedule they have the upcoming bc vs montreal game this Friday showing.


Scheduling is an 'optimization problem'; we want to maximize both in-person attendance and TV watching from home, while also avoiding competition and taking venue availability into account. With the addition of the extra bye week it becomes a little harder a problem still.

I believe that attendance ended up being solid and TV numbers were up this weekend - not all of that is attributable to the scheduling (close games and season standings being close-ish are big factors) but it seems to have not hurt things at all.

Sully they only play 4 games a week why jam it all in one day like that’s ridiculous CFL has to schedule their games around sportsin other countries? Seems Canadian sports fans are treated as second class citizens in their own country. Especially by the Toronto based American worshipping media.