3 Games in 1 Day - who broadcasts?

First time in a long time I can recall 3 games being attempted in one day - obviously CFL still terrified of Dead Sundays vs. NFL super-tilts!

Who will broadcast these final games?

  1. Montreal vs. Hamilton - obviously you have to give this game to the ultimate broadcasting deadbeat, Roderick "Deadbeat" Black & his passenger Forde.

  2. Argos vs. Eskimos - Dunigan was held back from the panel last nite so I suspect he's in Edmonton, getting ready to work a game with Gord "I'm making more mistakes than ever" Miller. This is now a game of deadbeats as the Esks will be going to Hamilton next week, they'd like to show as little as possible with those open TSN microphones, etc. Ideal situation to hold back Reilly and for Maas to shut his trap. Just don't know if Esks can do enough to provide Argos the victory - thus insuring western rival bombers are deprived of the #1 CIS pick.

  3. BC vs. Regina - obviously the only game of minor import as the regular season dies in BC Place tonite. Cuthbert & Scooter will no doubt make the trek from Ottawa to Vancouver this morning as both teams dress practice roster/training camp squads. No skin whatsoever in the game for Regina - Regina will try to lose as hard as they can in order to get a sniff of a #1 draft pick (Toronto losing might help them) while BC will have to just do enough against Corkyville's training camp scrubs to eke out the 2 pts in order to preserve home standing vs. Winnipeg next week in the WSF. Saskatchewan Scrubmaids beating BC, in BC without Diahherean Durant might be the biggest upset in the 2016 season, even if its a nothing game for Regina. :cowboy:

Only substitutions in broadcast teams today is if Rod is out sniffing in the figure-skating world and TSN has to roster Rod Smith or Derek Taylor to broadcast their southern Ontario garbage game! Personally, I think Black will fight his way back in order to preserve his standing as TSN's #2 (literally and figuratively) pbp man!!!

Games should start around 3pm today is my only issue. but should be good. i probably will only watch a bit of the 1st 2 games. bc/sask will get my attention with alabama/lsu and hnic -

only mtl and ssk host sunday games ... they arent home this weekend. this was probably done on purpose to allow all teams a 7 day rest for semi-final

This sucks.

1 game should have been on Sunday.

The last time I remember 3 games on 1 day was 2007 on the CBC.

So glad the CFL dumped the CBC.

Yes for the viewer I would have preferred two on sat and 2 on sun . 1 and 4 pm starts . I think Friday night football
is good until Thanksgiving then it needs to split . Too cold for late night games unless BC wants the late Fridays in October and November if not give them the Saturday or Sunday afternoon and change the football culture back to our traditional times in the FALL like before .

3 games to end the season is great. just starting too early. they should go late afternoon and evening but it doesn’t matter.

CFL knows their mistakes and networks and CFL will find a working solution moving forward now they know scheduling is important.

sad it took them this long but all is good.

no good CFL games today anyway

Surprised TSN flew Deadbeat Black out to Edmonton to call the game. Thought for sure a Toronto based guy like that would be nailed to the floor in Toronto.

Dunigan does a solid - does color in Hamilton and drives back to the panel post-game!

By virtue of Toronto barfing up in their bran flakes Winnipeg gets undisputed #1 in CIS draft - as a result of the infamous Drew Willy trade!

Got a decent replacement for now-injured Ricky Fogg in TJ Heath and a #1 pick. Not bad for a total deadbeat 30 yr old QB