3 Game WINNING Streak starting NOW!!!

:rockin: I am pumped up! :rockin:

This is the beginning of the beautiful homestretch that ends in the a Roughrider Grey Cup at McMahon!

The Riders only have three more wins and the cup is theirs!!!

I know that I will see these 3 wins happen before Novemember 29th!!!

I know that they will cap off this emotional season with 3 wins when we need them the most!!!

:wink: :D :rockin: :cowboy:

AMEN! HERE'S PREDICTING!!! :rockin: :thup: :cowboy: :slight_smile: :smiley:

So stocked about the next round ,it couldn't have been scripted better.

A little more reassured also, now that SOMEONE ELSE has led off round of predictions....ehhemmm...


Make that a 2 Game winning Streak....YEAH BABY!!!!!! :rockin:

Erhm...the Riders still need a three-game winning streak...a two-game winning streak would now mean they lose the GC in Calgary...

2 more wins plz