3 fruitless hours cheering for the blue team

OK, it was painful. Cheering for the blue team last night was difficult to say the least. It felt unnatural. It took me about half an hour to get used to it. I would celebrate a dropped pass or a two-and-out, then realize I’m supposed to be cheering for these guys for this one game, not relishing in their failure, which I usually do.

And all this for what? Nothing. Now we are one loss or one Winnipeg win away from elimination from the playoffs.

[At this point many of you will say that we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, yada, yada, yada. Maybe so, but a guy can dream and that’s the topic of many other posts].


the argos looked sooo bad last night. i was hopeing they could have one nice game but not a chance.

Fumble by Joseph
Fumbe by Bruce
Missed field goal by Vanderjerk

3 plays that cost them the game and their season...

…and our season…although I suppose our players and coaches have to take some responsibility for the record in the first 13 games of the season, no matter what happens from here on in.

It would be very interesting if the Ticats were to win their next 3 and Winnipeg lose their next 2 (they didn’t look very good last night either), making the final game in Winnipeg a deciding game for the playoffs.

But hope springs eternal…Ticats run the table! (it’s our only chance now).


theres a pretty good chance the bombers will win their next 2....but the tiger-cats beating montreal and Sask. on the road and then beating Calgary at home is very unlikely

Argos put up almost 400 yards offense and Joseph badly outplayed Glenn. No excuse for losing but they really could have used Dorsey .

Turnovers cost them the game. Argos organisation deserves the results they've gotten this season. Lack of development, terrible idea replacing Prefontaine with Vanderjack, Clueless organisation trying to take shortcuts. This year's its bite them. Of all the teams in the CFL the Argos are the ones in most trouble and it will take a couple years to clean up this mess.

Even though Glenn looked horrible, he still managed to throw more touchdown passes than any Argo qb has in a month....

I was still cheering for the Bombers. The 'Cats dug their own hole and put themself in this position. I will not cheer for the Argos in hopes that MAYBE we can catch them and the Bombers.

It's admirable that you stuck to your principles. For a short time this week I was drunk on the Kool-Aid, but not so much anymore.



Never cheer for the blew team.

At least your heart was in the right place.

Now I'm thinking I should start have started a thread on Monday called '3 fruitless hours cheering for the black and gold team'. Let's hope my time is well-spent on Sunday.



Is that a typo?

I thought you might have meant "seasons"

LOL. Yes, but in that case, the 3 needs to be changed to 6.


Hey, what about 2004 when we had a winning record and made the playoffs?

It wasn't fruitless cheering for them then, was it?


Good point. OK, 4 years then

Why don't I feel any better? :cry:

Does 1-17 in 2003 ring a bell?


Cheer for the blue team?! Not on your life!