3-for-3: Adams Jr throws trio of TDs in preseason debut

VANCOUVER — Vernon Adams Jr. changed his jersey number this off-season from No. 8 to No. 3, the same number of touchdowns passes he scored Thursday night.

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BREAKING NEWS: Rick Campbell asks him to change his uniform number to seven


He looked really good. Moved around well, threw some beautiful passes too. Looked like a starting QB for sure last night.

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Pretty amazing especially how the riderfan board was going crazy over Evans the previous week. The mob anointing Evans, and Adams as all but done as starter worthy in BC. Now? Crickets.

It’s funny that is the same comment about most of the other QBs making brief appearances in the pre-season:
Trevor Harris

They all looked good in pre-season and all threw perfect passes.
Starting Thursday night we get to see all these QBs playing full games against starters, big difference when they start playing a full game and throwing 30 passes a game instead of 4 or 5.

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And defences start showing their trickery and not just basic vanilla schemes. Looking forward to the season starting.

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Yup, agreed that they were working against “who’s that?” sometimes. But at some point almost all teams had their starters out on the field too.

So some - Adams, Collaros, Cornelius, and Maier did work against mostly starters in one of their games. The rest I’m not sure of, poor commentating and not seeing all the games means I don’t know for sure. I do know Winnipeg did not play their starting lineup at all on Friday.

True too. But VA, the subject of this thread never looked that purposeful or comfortable last year.

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