3 first games of season

Could the start of the season be any tougher on the Rens defensive backs?
Our first 3 games are against Ray, Cavillo, Printer or Dickerson. :shock: We are going to need to score a truck load of touchdowns to come up with a couple of victories. I hate to be a negative but it’s going to be difficult to get momentum out of the gate.

lol ouch renegades

Think positive:

Game one: Eskimos; new coach, Ray's first game action in 2 years, may be rusty; Gades new D Co-ordinator knows Edmonton's offense well; I see an upset.

Game two: Gades always plays the Als well at home. Canada Day, great atmostphere, should be great crowd....another possible upset.

Game three: For some reason we never ever play well in BC going back 20 years to the R.R's. BC takes it.....

So we start 2-1. :? not bad.

first of all the gades r gonna have the very best secondary in the cfl this yr common crance clemmons bo rogers quincy colman bo lewis cory banks dave donaldson kires hebert george mc,collough and thats just a few that i can think of oh ya gerald vaughn might also switch back into the secondary so there u go bring it all on it wont matter the gades r gonna kick alot of asses this yr

That's a tough way to start the season.

I don't think I've ever seen Ottawa play well in Edmonton either.

.......cept this year..........go kick some eskimo ass Gades!!!!!!!!!!...........

Game 3 against B.C. Printers will not get his contract sortout, and Dickinson will be injurred by then. So, worries there.

I agree with SR 2121. BC will most probably be a loss. And I definately see an upset with Montreal in town on Canada Day. The Alouettes just won't have the luster this year...

The uway I see it better to play those teams early.

Nobody knows what OO is capable of. There's very little film on them and it's always better to get the tough ones over with early so that you can focus on the long hawl.

Plus at least we know that TO and Ham will stuggle against all these teams as well.

I think the key is to show signs of life agains these teams and to be competitive. Ottawa has good potential. And like somebody said on this post. The Gades always play the Als tough @ FCS.

It would so good for the team to pull one out on the Esks. Good for the players, the fans and the CFL.