3 ex-Ticats running for CFLPA president

Sorry Grover only Agustin Barrenechea and Peter Dyakowski played for the Cats. Neither Solomon Elimimian nor Keon Raymond played for the Cats. Now my burning question: “Can the OP still edit the title of his posts” can be answered. :vulcan_salute: :upside_down_face:

When Peter wins the job, there will have been 3 ex-TiCats to hold that position.

Ed Chalupka and Mike Morreale being the previous two .

Pat Lynch (Peter is the smartest guy in Canada)


OOPS :crazy_face: my oldtimers disease has struck one more time. Next time when I make a pronouncement about a CFL player’s career I will look him up on his Wikipedia page.

Sorry for doubting you Grover.