3 ex ticat qbs now in montreal

the montreal game just reminded me they have calvillo,maas,brady.

It also reminds me that most of the business Montreal had prior to the PQ taking provincial power moved to Toronto.

But I digress.

Both posts are pointless in this context.

And then there is the Saskatchewan Tiger-Cats. LOL

The days of this team leaking away its roster are hopefully over. The SMS means that there will be turnover, but such turnover must have an upgrade logic to it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007: a great date to announce that TICAT FIRESALES ARE OVER INDEFINITELY! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree Oski-oui-oui.

Lets keep the core of our players now. We have a good all around team. We might need an o-lineman and a d-back but lets not trade anymore and let this team gel.

Even with the great addition of Printers, this team needs much more than a tweaking here and there (O-lineman and DB). The D was lousy on Saturday and the Argos were without Bruce and Miles. No pass rush and porous coverage. Just on D alone, I'd want another DE (to go with McKay-Loescher) and a strong DT plus a safety and at least one cornerback. (The team's never adequately replaced Adriano Belli.)

I agree with Oski-oui-oui that any changes in personnel need to represent a logical upgrade on what they have now but I think there's still a big rebuilding project to do.

Getting Printers was a no-brainer. Now comes the real test for Desjardins--finding better players for some other weak positions.

An Argo-Cat fan

good analysis, but how are you a fan of the ticats and argonauts?

Barney's a strong, yet diverse CFL fan. I'd take half of him over most whole anytime.