3 Ex Alouettes voted to the CFLHOF !

Congratulations to 3 great football player and even better people.
Wally Buono
Ben Cahoon
Uzooma Okeke

Shame that Tom Cousineau messed up Buono MAYBE being a lifelong Al.

Fort the youngsters, Cousineau was the #1 pick in the NFL draft in 1979 but the Als signed him for twice what Buffalo offered (very different times). He played three years and then returned to the NFL, where he had a decent career, but not whjat was expected of a #1 overall pick. His NFL significance was two HoF trades. The B ill;s drafted him with a pick they got in the OJ Simpson trade and moved him to Cleveland for the pick that became Jim Kelly.

Cousineau's arrival at middle linebacker moved Carl Crennel to the outside, where he took Buono's spot. Wally did coach for one year with the Montreal Concordes, but really got his coaching start with Calgary in the late 80s.

Nelson Skalbania ran the Als into the ground and folded the team in May 1982, after which Charles Bronfman immediately started a "new" team under the name Concordes. They lasted until just before the 1987 season. Bronfman turned the team over to Norm Kimball - former Edmonton GM - along with a big chunk of money in the 1986 offseason and before Norm had to spend any $$$ he folded the team.

A bit of correction.

The organization name is Canadian Football Hall of Fame, not Canadian Football League Hall of Fame. As such, it also celebrates university football and the development of junior football.