3 Downs with Thryllin' Dylan!

The Following statements are purely opinion and are not meant to insult or offend anybody. They are in no way meant to imply a superior intellect by the author and were written in the spirit of friendly discussion.

Many coaches are still challenging plays they know are unchallengable

Most frequently, challenging penalties and/or no-calls. I am under the impression that that is a penalty in itself. The transition phase is over. If drunk fans in a bar know it is un-challengeable, then so do professional Head Coaches. Lets end this facade and penalize Head Coaches for wasting everybodies time.

Refs speaking over the microphone as to which player(s) will be eligible receivers.

Am I the only one who finds this painstakingly useless? Football gets by for decades without this, and now all of a sudden every play the refs come up and annouce that "#68 will be eligible #68 will be eligible". I don't know what changed that refs now must announce this but it is really redundant and flat-out annoying when you are attending a game.

The Time count violation is being abused!

It's being used to get better field position on FGs . . . It's being used to get closer to the (your own) endzone for a "safer" safety . . . and most embarassingly it is being used to, seemingly, get a FOURTH down. Teams will take a time count on the 3rd down and then jaunt around with their FOURTH down and kill the clock to end the game. I propose a loss of downs on 3rd down Time count violations. It will make for a better game of football.

The preceding statements are purely opinion and are not meant to insult or offend anybody. They are in no way meant to imply a superior intellect by the author and were written in the spirit of friendly discussion.

My sister and her friends were hoping that this was a not so subtle way of telling all of the girls at the game that #68 is ELIGIBLE....you know...in the game...in play...


Yes to number one.

Number 2, there is a new rule where teams can bring in an ineligible number and place him at an eligible position. The referee has to announce it every play this happens. It slows down the game WAY to much and should be done away with IMHO.

Number three is not an issue since the defense can decline the yard portion of the time count penalty, like was done in Edmonton the other night.

yes to 1

#2 if i am not mistaken i believe they announce this of the penalty refs call “no end” so this takes care of it because unless he’s a tightend they can’t line up on the line of scrimmage.

#3 i believe there is a penalty for that but its within the last 3 mins

Yes to # 1

#2 Just wait until some # 62 catches the winning TD to eliminate a team, (Then we'll have a dozen threads on the poor officiating! :roll: :roll: :roll: )I can see why they do this in 2008.

#3 No opinion.

#1. Absolutely crack down on that one. The coaches know they can't challenge a penalty, so it should be a delay of game call.

#2. I believe the rule has changed very little. An eligible player with an ineligible number has always had to report to the ref. What is different now is the league seems to think the fans give a rats behind. It is annoying as hell--stop it already.

#3. Not much one can really do here. You can't lose possession on a penalty. Maybe if you take a time count, then a deliberate safety is given on the very next play, 5 yards could be assessed on the kick-off?

Number 3 is the only one that really bothers me.

The whole point of the Time count penalty is to stop teams from wasting time. The abuse of this penalty is pathetic!

It is a wasted nothing play. Teams getting fourth downs for the sake of clock killing.

Teams getting better position for field goals.

It needs to stop. IMO!!!

I am with you on all three topics. I have complained about these things to anyone who will listen.

I agree with you on #1, if it is a play that EVERYONE KNOWS is unchallengeable, like a penalty. Fumbles in the field of play are (for some unknown reason) unchallengeable, but coaches should be allowed to throw the flag. Maybe eventually the league will give in and allow them to challenge those.

I COULDN'T AGREE MORE ON #2! Players with ineligible numbers have always had to report it to the ref, but in the past it ended there. Why we need to know, I have no idea. I remember when the Riders were playing here, and on almost every play the ref had to inform us all that "#56 on the offence has reported as eligible." Who cares?

#3 I disagree on, though. If it's a matter of field position, the defence has the option of declining the penalty. As long as the clock doesn't start until the snap on the next play, the difference between taking the penalty and snapping the ball (or calling time out) with one second left on the play clock is...1 SECOND.

Yeah but ONE SECOND is ONE FULL play. If it is JUST ONE SECOND and it doesn't matter, then a team would not do this. I have seen Calgary do it with far more than ONE SECOND on the clock.

Killing the clock is one thing but for the sake of field position on a FG attempt is weak at best.

The penalty exists to PREVENT unecessary delays to the game.

When the delay of game penalty is used to intentionally delay the game, the penalty is useless.