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Wow - younger people support the CFL - who would of guessed

Here is the 2018 info about age and the CFL
Here’s what we know about the age demographics of CFL fans | 3DownNation


Maybe there's hope for us yet. :smiley: :+1:

No kidding. , no one can afford to go to an nfl game. No wonder they stick to our game, their wising up.

At $86 for an upper deck seat there are many that cannot afford to go to a CFL game.

Inexpensive tickets were a big part of the attraction in my youth that led to me becoming a fan. It was something high school kids could do. Now not so much.


Yes, as a retired person with a low income, my wife and me have to make choices and professional sports is off our radar now, when we do go out it's for the occasional dinner at a restaurant, in terms of attending in person but we do support it through an enhanced cable TV package with live sports not included in the basic package and as is known, live pro sports is the single most expensive aspect of cable TV packages.

Look into an Android TV box. Many are under $100. You still need to have internet service but that is it. Every game, every sport and more. Use the savings to go to a CFL game.

Commercialization of sport has made the corporate world a priority over the fan on the street and we are seeing the result. Price those upper deck seats at $18 and they might make some fans.


U.S. fan who loves the CFL and has for a long time. It would be a shame to lose the CFL and the great nuances to the game the CFL affords. Not so very long ago 50,000 were in the stands. It can happen again.

Ouch. My nosebleed set of 2 season seats in Hamilton were under $500.

I don't think the $86 is true for regular season games, that's just for the Eastern final, no?

Playoff tickets are always more expensive.

For no good reason other than gouging. Grey Cup tickets for $500 per when they don't even give a cash award to the winning teams other than CBA negotiated players bonuses is disrespectful to fans they are asking to buy the tickets. Where are the extra expenses?

Aren't the CBA negotiated players bonuses extra expenses?

There is more demand for Grey Cup tickets than there is for regular season tickets. A higher price for these tickets is just how economics work. If they didn't sell all available tickets then I'd agree with you, but they did.

There doesn't have to be "extra expenses", the money can go to regular league expenses that aren't Grey Cup specific

CFL being a private corporation does not have to file or disclose financial details so we know what they tell us. Relationship with fans and players is that of a bourgeoisie / proletariat style arrangement that could use better balance.

My point wasn't that I knew all regular league expenses. My point was that the higher price is justified by the higher demand, as evidenced by the sellout. If the fans thought that the pricing was disrespectful, they wouldn't have bought tickets.

Also, even if there are no extra expenses, the league turning a profit is a good thing, especially after last year's losses.