3 Down Nation site

Has anybody heard of this particular site.

I do browse it from time to time.

Is it just me or is it fairly negative towards the CFL.

It's not just you. You're both fairly negative towards the CFL.


Yes, they provide a summary of daily CFL and USports information. It is a great site.

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I've always enjoyed their content, yes even the Manziel articles, which they're still managing to find relevant to write once and awhile.

Though it is annoying I often get asked to donate when I visit.

Maybe everyone should just get out of the Canadian football business if it just too tough...

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How am I negative.

Have season tickets for the Lions for years. Please explain.

3Downnation is probably the most comprehensive collection of CFL news online and its independent to boot.

The reason one might find it negative is if they're only getting their CFL news from.the CFL and their media partner TSN.

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I wasn't implying that I was negative. It's more the fact the negativity is coming from some of the comments posted below the news.

Especially in regards to government help.

They also get their news from the PA. When there is a dispute (or one in the past) it's one of the first place to report it.

This makes the relationship between the parties looks worse than it should be...hence it gets a reputation of being negative.

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I was mostly goofing on the way you worded the question, as if you were asking if it is just you who is negative.

Plus, you've been known to make fairly doom-and-gloom focused posts.

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I apologize for taking it that way.

Because of this pandamic all these issues are coming up with no solution in sight.

Maybe it's better to prepare for 2021 with a better plan and better cooperation between the owners and players.

Our team in Vancouver is over taken by the Whitecaps.

Atmosphere at BC Place is non existent.

How about other cities.

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No worries, the pandemic is putting a lot of people on edge. The uncertainty is difficult to deal with.

I'm sure the league has drawn up numerous plans for shortened and cancelled seasons. I don't think there's a great need to cancel the season now. Who knows how the situation might change in a month's time? You don't want to cancel now and then scramble to uncancel if funding comes through and businesses become more open.

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All want we want as fans is for the CFL to do well and thrive like they were doing under Mark Cohon.

Having said that which commissioner in your opinion would have been the right one to handle this situation.

Randy Ambrosie is doing a great job in the most difficult situation the World has seen since the Second World War.

Former CFL Commissioner Cohon had easy going ,did a good job , but would not solve much in these circumstances .

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I can't imagine how anyone could have prepared for anything like this.

In other news all other versions of football are making their way back on to the field.

I don't think the CFL has "thrived" since the early 1980s, when stands were full in Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto, the league had a $33M TV contract and there was no competition from basketball or soccer. Not saying Cohon didn't do a good job as commissioner, but it's extremely doubtful that all franchises (or even the majority) were profitable under his watch.

Unfortunately Nelson Skalbania was one of owners of that era.

They made the same mistake with him again when he bought the Lions in 1996.

I don't think they're negative, but they can be/are often critical. There's room for that in the CFL ecosystem.

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Its good to have a site like that, but I do find they lean toward the negative stories. However, I believe most news agencies do that.

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It must be very difficult for a reporter to come up with a positive CFL story right now.

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That's true but I find 3 down frequently goes out of their way for negative stories.

They now have 3 articles about the Argos being over the salary cap and not being fined. It's one thing to bring light to it (not mentioned anywhere else), it's another thing to beat a dead horse.

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