3 divisions

Hey, what does everyone think of the league having 3 divisions. like a west, east and central with the top team in each division getting a playoff spot (the top 2 with the bye) and 3 other teams getting a wild card. You could have it like this

West: BC, Edm Cal
Central: wpg, Sask, Hamilton
East: Montr, Ott, tor

anyone like this idea?

All Ive got to say is the Riders are the luckiest team in Football if this is the divisions! :smiley:

I kind of like that idea but what happens when Halifax comes around.

nah the Grey Cup is all about east vs west..................cant' be changing that for the hell of it.

The Grey Cup, and the Super Bowl and any championship for that matter, should be between #1 and #2, not East vs. West.

I like this system as a zone-setup, not as divisionals. Scrap divisions and have a single league table, keep the playoff format the way it is. Play twice against every team, three times against 'zone' rivals.

West: BC, Calgary, Edmonton
Central: Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ottawa
East: Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal

The Toronto/Hamilton rivalry needs to remain intact.

Forget 3 Divisions, get a Maritime team in there and everything will balance out quite nicely

No, I hate the idea. Who will play in the Grey Cup? the Cup is an East Vs. West game with the excetion of a cross over team and the 1995 (and somewhat 1994) Grey Cup.

No Don't like it. West beating the East is the best way to go!

here's a thought

B.C Lions
Edmonton Eskimos
Calgary Stamps
SSk Roughriders

Toronto Argos
Hamilton Tigercats
London Express
Winnipeg Bluebombers

Montreal Alouettes
Quebec Blocs....(lol)
Halifax Schooners
Ottawa Renegades

2 teams make the playoffs from two divisons, and the other divison lets 3 teams in. The divison that only has 3 teams is because the 3rd place team has the best record of any other 3rd place teamthat year. so say montreal finishes 1st,, ottawa 2nd, and halifax 3rd make it in the east, t.o 1st, hamilton 2nd, in the central, and then b.c 1st, edmonton 2nd in the west. the 2 divison winners with the best records will get a first round bye. say its the als and lions.
Mid Week Game: HFX @ Ham
First Round: , Ottawa @ EDM, HAM @ T.O all the home teams win.
Second Round: EDM @ B.C, TOR @ MTL.
Grey Cup: B.C versus Montreal

Ok, so the season works like this. you play your divison teams two times. so theres 6 games. you play all the other teams once. so there is 8 more. then u play the other divison teams that finished in the same spot you did the year before. so thats 16 games. also ill explain the playoffs like this...the divison winners with the two best records get the bye. well the remaning four play their divison opponents. this way no team will play their divison rival in the Grey Cup. and the two worst teams that make the playoffs ahve to play a mid week game before the other plyoffs teams start.
so thats what I'd love to see happen. obviously something major in the money department would have to happen, but it would be great! I no I'm dreamin but it would be sweet! and for those who say ontario couldn't support another team, well ppl from windsor, would help support the london franchise, so I dont believe their would be a problem there. if anyone has any questions about this ask me. or if u noticed a problem please point it out.

You need 12 teams for a three divisional league. London Express...mmm.... :slight_smile: like the name.

Unless the league gets up to 15 or more teams, there is no reason to go to 3 divisions.

or at least 12 teams
once Halifax gets in the East and West'll be even. so just leave it for now. Think of the playoff format for 3 divisions. Not saying it wouldn't work but it would be pretty messy

04 Champs, Your Making Me Foam At The Mouth, The Only Thing I Don't Like Is The 16 Game Schedual And Playoff Format. How About Instead Of Having The Team Play Only one Team In The Same Division 3 Times, They Play All The Teams In The Same Division 3 Times. And Instead Of Having A Mid Week Playoff Game, Have The Top Two Division Leaders Have The Bye, But Then Only Have 3 Wildcard Spots. That Way Only Half The League Would Make The Playoffs.

East vs. West. Has to be. Its too classic. And you should never break up the rival teams. Rivalries make great football. We could use some expansion, but stick to East and West.

anyone think Yellowknife could support a team? :lol:

Yellowknife? Sure.

....but not just Yellowknife - though, admittedly, it has a great football tradition - Inuit have been playing football forever, you know.

Also Whitehorse, Iqaluit, Prince George, Moosonee, and Labrador City.

Make it 6 teams, call it the Northern Division.

Grey Cup could be North vs South.

Geez, guys, it's hard to take you all seriously!

This expansion topic keeps coming up time after time, and the ideas get more and more ridiculous each time.

Reality time:


Not next year, not in five years, probably not in ten years - it's not even on the agenda, and that Halifax exhibition game was hardly a great success - although they tried to pass it off as one.

Do any of you think a bit or even re-read your own posts before you hit "submit"? - Might be a good idea.

Save us reading the same nonsense for the umpteenth time - please!

actually Grandpa....the Wright has said the cfl is discussing expansion, and then the halifax gamne furthured those suspissions

Please tell us why the Halifax game was not a huge success? I was there while i was home on vacation, it was sold out with all the extra seating they brought in, and it was all the talk from Halifax to Cape Breton. I love you people who state things like this but have no real reason or proof, its just your a lamer that likes to bring people down, the people in Halifax and the rest of nova scotia know it was a success. So does Tom Wright, and that's all that matters, so i rephrase my post, i dont want to know your reasons, because quite frankly, i already know your wrong, and you dont have a clue about the CFL. Cheers.

This a really bad idea, what if the league goes back to conferences? then we have 3!

just isn't good. less is more.

Not in the least!
Toronto and Hamilton in separate divisions? No way!
All Hamilton's division games would be against Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, even though Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa are all much, much closer than either of the two prairie teams.
Leave the Big Four teams together. Maybe at some time in the future, if league expansion can accommodate it, move Montreal into a "Quebec" division. For right now, leave it as it is.

There is no reason to restructure the league.