3 Day Mini Camp

Great pics, thanks for putting them up.


Looks like gold stripes are back on the helmets after a one-year hiatus.

Much better!

Great Stuff Bruce :thup: I would have loved to be there, but had to work.

Only on Offense?
Appreciate the pics, Bruce.

Ticats Mini-Camp: New Sheriff in Town

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats began mini-camp with new head coach Kent Austin taking charge and setting the bar for what he expects.


Right you are OttawaCat! I hadn't noticed that it was offence only. Must be an equipment manager's nightmare!

But, TC23, please pass word on up the chain o' command. The stripe on the helmet looks waaaaaay better! I hope they're just doing this to compare.... maybe see how they both look on the field; rather than to differentiate O from D.

Love the stripe!

And THX to all for the pics!

great coverage on the Cats as usual Bruce. :thup:

Looking forward to future videos as well.

keep up the good work!

I wouldn't be so fast in assuming they're bringing back the stripes on the helmets. Last year during training camp some players the gold pants from 05-11. As well in last year's mini camp the team wore blank black helmets, presumably the now current helmets before they got their decals. I'm pretty sure they're just using the old helmets on the offence for extra differentiation.

I'm impressed by the positivity Burris, Mallett, and Austin are displaying, although that's too be expected. But I get the impression the players already feel the coaching staff is an upgrade and are already open to absorbing all Austin and his staff have to teach. I think the best thing that will happen to this team this year will be Austin installing his "culture" on the players, more so than his system.

everyone seems positive and open minded about the new staff but then again how could the returning players not be excited to see a coach talking explaining etc as opposed to cortez who always had his sharpie stuck up his nose. LETS GO ONWARD AND UPWARD 2013 HERE WE COME

Great pictures, Bruce. Thanks.

I saw a few pictures of Walker catching the ball and was wondering if this was just short routes typical of a running back, or were they sending him long at all? Just curious if the team is considering other ways of getting him into the game somehow like they did with Thigpen. With the uncertainty around Williams's status, having another speedster at receiver could come in handy. The biggest question there is how well he would run routes, given the fact that unlike Thigpen, he never played as a receiver in college.

Great pics, Bruce! Look forward to seeing more of your work!

I love this pic of one of the new (old?) QBs. (Trying to figure out if he's throwing a football or playing a flute)


LOL, good one! Yes he really does look like he's playing the flute.

Thanks for all the kind words Ti-Cat Fans. I will be attending Camp again in June, so hope you got your Ti-Cat fix and were able to make it to Mini-camp of a day!

8) You do a great job Bruce. Keep it up, and thank you !!

Yes, kudos Bruce for sure! Man, those legs look like a youngster of 25!

I watched a few practices last year and, judging from the video, the way Austin interacts with the players is a far cry from the way Cortez ran things. I know it's just a mini-camp and not a real practice, but the manner and attitude of the coach causes me to be somewhat optimistic this year.

This is my First Video Montage of 2013 Hamilton Tiger Cats!


Great job B13 :rockin: :rockin:

Great job Bruce, with the Leafs in the stretch drive, the Jays just starting, it's great to
see some Black & Gold! All 3 favs going at once!!

Great job Bruce!

Watching that, I was thinking 3 things:

  • I still love the helmet stripes
  • the Stray Cats are gonna’ be a force this year; regardless of where we play
  • Kevin Bacon can’t drive a tractor