3 cheeers and kudos to the TSN Panel.

I know in numerous threads on numberous boards, every year, people love to dump on everyone who dares to talk on CFL football, whether they be game announcers or half time panelists or sideline reporters or anyone else. However, I am thrilled to have Schultz and Dunigan once again for every game this yr, right til the end. I also have no problem with jock or dave. The only way they could improve IMO, is to have Lancaster Sr.

I think those who feel the need to be critical of these guys, and or others, are those who always have to be critical of someone, anyone, who isnt their own chosen favorites. You know, the kind of people who are so afraid of their own shortcomings that they got to shoot at others to compensate or deflect. Or maybe they just so miserable in their own lives, or their own low self esteem, that they just have to mouth of about everyone else just to deal.

What ever the reason is, it pisses me off. Even poor ole Walby. Ya know, he was a damn fine player, and is a nice guy, just trying to do a job. If ya dont like listening to him, and ya too limited to be able to tune him out, then turn off the sound and or go fly a kite, but dont feel you need to come on here and run on and on about how bad he is.

I feel good after listening to the boys today. I am a lot more pumped and ready for some football than I was earlier. Thank you TSN panel and two thumbs up :thup: :thup:


They're just a bunch ofguys doing the best job they can!

Even Naylor was good. Are you listening Dave Naylor I even said you were good.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I've always like TSN's panel, they are insightful, and are less likely to state the obvious. The one thing I wont miss is hearing "up the gut" umpteen dozen times per game.

Why won't we be hearing that this season Sambo? I'm gonna tally them up :wink:

Mostly because the person who says it the most won't be calling games this year. I know Rod Black uses that same phrase, but he doesn't use it ad nauseum like Mark Lee did...

Is Cuthbert calling CFL games this year? I sure hope so. He's the greatest play by play guy ever, especially in the playoffs.

I thought the panel they had last season was very entertaining and informative. I kind of like those guys.

Yes it was very good and informative.
It's too bad we cannot get TSN to do the same show weekly, either after the week of games or before.
As for the panel, I like the guys and they are really funny and know their stuff.
I thought the beginning with the Pinball was a good shtick.
As for Naylor, OK I'll give him credit for knowing something about the league, but did you notice he always has to compare it with the NFL and NHL.
As for the games, I read how Danny Mac is out, nice guy but he was bad last year. Duane Forde is his replacement and he is awesome and will partner up with Rod Black for 30 games. The main team remains with Cuthbert and Glen Suitor.
There were many promos for TSN doing all the games, the playoffs and how they were proud to do the "crown jewel" being the Grey Cup.
Can't help but to repeat how this is a grave error for the network in not seeing the way to show the playoffs and GC on CTV.

I liked seeing the Pinner open as well, who else would kick off the season except the best motivational coach in the league in a long time.

I also liked how Randorf said they (TSN) had to improve their product, this was a good start.

Also good to bring in the "anti-crowd" like Naylor, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" so to speak. Gotta play to the egos of guys like Naylor, keep his mug in there and in no time at all, he'll think it's the best gig on two legs.

I really liked when they said the concensus is BC to finish first. They are the most insightful and smart panel I have ever seen in any league or about any topic.

Sounds like the people who insist of slagging the NFL and the Toronto media.

but not the people who slag the toronto media who slag or slight the cfl :rockin: :cowboy:

TSN is great. I love the panel and play-by-play.

Tonight's intro was so funny, with Pinball Clemens.

Lastly, from CBC I like Steve Armitage. His voice is great.

Agree it was great and Naylor provided a different slant as well, nice. Great to have Forde on the TSN crew. Got me pumped up watching the show for sure!

I think that the TSN panel is great as well. It is nice to have people talking about the game that they love and they put a lot of passion and research into what they say. In regards to Lancaster Sr. being on the panel, he is doing the colour commentary on the radio for the Tiger-Cats this year and is still working with the team in a public relations aspect.

Surprising Naylor was on this panel.
Considering according to him the CFL only has a couple of years left.