3 Canadian QBs!

I don't think that any of them will be winning a starting job this year, but after the dust of the draft settled there are now 3 Canadian QBs in the CFL!!!

Montreal took Brouillette.
Edmonton took Sharun.
...& Toronto already had Brannigan.

Plus: Glavic is on Hamilton's neg list I think... So there could be 4 of them by the time the season starts.

This is awesome for the league!!!!! If one of these kids can prove to be a starter for a team, that would help the league out a lot. Not to mention what it will do for young Canadian kids growing up playing QB, because before this most of these kids knew it was the end once they finished off their CIS days.

I have a feeling there will be 1 at the most on the rosters when the season starts.

3 will get cut or forced to change positions.

one maybe 2 stick on the pr.. thats all.. since qbs dont count on the ratio teams have to take the most talented qbs.. i dont think any of these canuck qbs are at the level of any teams signed imports at the moment... would love to see some cdn qbs in the cfl, but the canadian game at collegiate level hasnt developed enough yet

so is hamilton still lookin at glavic? thats totally awesome. and he still has a nother year left in U ball.

i am still a little bummed no one signs faulds after e camp. wonder if they were werried about his injury.

one other quick note. if he makes the roster, then edmonton will have 2 canadian QB's on the roster. i cant remember his name(chief could help me) they have a full back who played qb for st. mary's i think...

I think Faulds must have a pretty wonky knee. A shame but that's the way it goes unfortunately.

Mattieu Bertrand

i think the 2 drafted will probably not even throw a football, im almost positive they were drafted to play other positions.

the only guy who has a shot, a legit shot is brannigan in toronto. the other 2 were drafted for other reasons.

The Ticat's are very interested in having him, but last I heard was that he wasn't all that interested in pursuing a career in pro football.SO, i'm assuming it's early retirement and on to whatever he wants to pursue work wise.Shame really.

Sharun was actually drafted as a Safety DB which he played with the Edmonton Wildcats.

surprising he is not interested in Pro Football . Could be his knees are in the same shape as Faulds are, C.I.S. plays all out, Good luck to both in the Future and thanks for some entertaining football at the University level.

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