3 Blown Calls already!

Well the so called TAUNTING BS CALL..

the Missed FUMBLE or Quick Whistle!

and the So Called TD ...

These refs need a good @#@ whipping!

Give your displeasure to George Black!

oh shutup.

Are you serious cflthebest???

I'll comment further after watching the game...
only listening right now.

Wow what a childish response!!

not very intelligent are we?

I think its more that the Riders are sucking…again.


On the taunting call, Lloyd and a Rider player celebrated the play and Burris walked up behind them. When Lloyd turned around, Burris was in his face and they inadvertently bumped into each other. Flag thrown on Lloyd even though it was Burris that walked over to him. Horrible call that kept the first drive alive because it would have been a punting situation.

Well I gotta admit I would have challeneged a couple of calls, but oh well. Life goes on. Still a whole half to be played.

Over the radio it said Lloyd was tapping his helmet, and talking
trash. I'll comment later if necessary.

exactly the same thoughts I had about your post.


How'd it look???

Both of you are wrong. It was against the Rider bench.

Sorry, posted in your spot.

my bad. clarified by TSN at the half.

I wasnt wrong, CHQR was.

That was a good response

How about the BLATANT bad spot!?!?

The Riders Challenge in the 4th quarter a spot where SK (i believe it was Cates)plunges after his catch and he was plain to see 2 yards, I repeat TWO yards short of the first down and after 90 seconds I repeat NINETY SECONDS of replay the ref decided that it was a Roughrider 1st down!!!!

These refs could not officiate a touch football game that involved 8 yr olds.

The Pass interference that TSN refused to show a replay of. There was NO PASS INTERFERENCE! The fumble whislted dead (that Austin should of Challenged) The out of bounds TD pass at the beginning of the game (that Austin should have challenged).

Even Henry Burris with a scramble that he was easily a yard past the 1st down marker he was shorted on the spot

Every week, I repeat EVERY WEEK, whether for or against my team or for another game altogether I have seen absolute garbage called! Every week!

Anybody who thinks the refs have been any more than pathetic this year (and last year) is blind and should probably try to get a job officiating.

I will save my Roughrider play talk for the proper thread.

If I am wrong (which I doubt I am) I apologize.

I don't think we can complain about the initial fumble by Calgary. They ruled him down on the play, the Rider bench could have challenged but chose not to, that's not really the officials mistake as much as it was the coaching staffs mistake.

There were some suspect calls throughout the game that went both ways, but the bottom line was that over the course of the game both teams made some mistakes, but only one team capatalized and took advantage of them, that team won fair and square.

Certainly I am more annoyed with Austin for not challenging that fumble call, but the refs screwed up as well.
I think the ball clearly came loose, and my understanding is they are being taught not to blow those types of play dead too quickly, and yet there it was--a quick whistle.

Overall, I thought the Rider/Stamp game was very poorly officiated.
It was hard to tell though given how brutal the game itself was...