3 Bad Teams in CFL

Obviously Ottawa & BC are the 2 most pungent teams right now. Edmonton is right up their rear.
Funny thing - one of those BAD 3 will make the playoffs. As for a team thats capable of toppling the mighty Bombers I have to go with Sask'n in the WF - if Collaros & O'Shea have a bad day at the office.
Winnipeg is the better team by a longshot but Saskatchewan has a QB with a big arm and escape hatch legs. Thats potent in frustrating the monster Bomber rush which will obviously happen in the WF.
If the Bombers slip by the Riders, their toughest tests could come from any of 3 teams:

  • Montreal - tons of spirit & joie de vivre behind Schiltz & Khari Jones
  • Hamilton - good overall team, Defense, Offense & Special teams all very good although none are great. Still a decent mix capable of toppling a heavy favorite
  • Toronto - only squad so far able to topple Bombers. However, their biggest challenge will be getting past either Hamilton or Montreal to get to the big game!

As for BC, Ottawa & Edmonton - leaning to next year country if the form chart holds!
P.S. Unless BC or Edmonton gets their gear in shape there prolly won't be a crossover

I don’t think any of those teams will make the playoffs. Well, BC has a shot if they can beat Calgary on Nov 12 and win a few games on the road. But Calgary gets to play Ottawa next week, while the Lions are in Toronto.


Yeah I was just about to post same thing
BC deserves to miss playoffs & I think Calgary will put them out of their misery

Still I would not count out the Stampeders… They got game and rising.

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That sucks, I always root for an All-Ontario East Division bracket that doubles as a Provincial championship.