3 Als given walkin papers

The als released 3 players to-day
Kevin Johnson
Philippe Craybrooks(I think thats his first name)
AND T&T'S favorite

Word ( I dont remember his first name)


They released KJ with three playoffs games to go? What for? To save on a ring shall they win? Damn, do these freakin’ birds make me mad some days. I hope they lack good LBs in the playoffs and have to kneel before KJ for him to come back.

Felipe Claybrooks… I don’t know. He seemed better than Mawuko Tugbenyoh. At least Claybrooks was able to get sacks. Oh well. I guess this will give peace of mind to Stewart.

As for Word: MOUHAHAHAHAhA ! In your face fat disrespectful slob! After he “walked out”, they re-hired him to say “you’re fired” !

But they were to easy on him. If it was just me, I would have had him eaten by Ted White. No less.

By the way, the release of Kevin Johnson just before the playoffs now adds itself to the list of classy moves by the Als, such as:

  • Sending Mike Pringle packing to give his job to inmate Lawrence Philips.
  • Forcing Bruno Heppell into retirement.
  • Not making any contractual offer to Barron Miles last winter.

These moves aren’t Popp’s. They all have “Don Matthews” written all over them.


True…but when do these guys start grabbing balls and stand up to a guy whos proving to be the Glen Sather on the CFL?

And what the hell happened with the Megna deal?

Pretty bad timing if you ask me. But then again if he figures he has players that are better then he does not need the insurance players. Kevin Johnson though puzzles me he is a good linebacker ( Bombers there you go an ex Stamp go get him)

I hope the Als gave word a big raise before they release him
That way he is losing a better job.

Now you know how I feel about the Bombers. 3rd.

Don Matthews is the reason the Bombers are having problems winning games?

[url=http://www.fr.montrealalouettes.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=409&SPSID=6111&DB_OEM_ID=1301&ATCLID=130957&Q_SEASON=2005]http://www.fr.montrealalouettes.com/Vie ... EASON=2005[/url]

Third, you may want to post the english version link, unless you're trying to show that most of us can't communicate in both official languages. :slight_smile:

...the DON is definitely the reason the Bombers aren't winning.....although...wait a minute....he did cough one up for us earlier in the year....yeah... he helped in posting a win for us in our glorious 75th. :oops:

Or you could click on the word ENGLISH :wink:

no, but this sounds like the Bombers, when they got rid of good players this season.

Guys, you can goggle the link and come up with an English version that way.

well, I did figure that out eventually, but I thought I'd help the people that didn't have the patience to scroll aaallllllllllllllllll the way down to the bottom of the screen. :slight_smile:

And I was actually surprised to see it spelled in english. I thought it would be "anglais" (if that's actually how you spell it anyways)

I just realized how little french I actually know when I looked over the page. I could barely figure out what the headings meant, never mind what the rest of it contained. Guess it would've helped if I had ever taken french in school.

All I know is "Je suis pamplemoose" and please forgive me for the guaranteed spelling errors. Oh, and "Je ne suis pas un arbre!" Yeah, those are the two phrases I know. Me is smart! :slight_smile:

lol 42Monkey... these are definately the first two phrases one should learn when practicing French.

I like to talk to people who don't realize I actually know what they mean, and pretend that they're normal phrases you'd use in conversation. I can't always keep a straight face, but when I can you should see the looks on people's faces. :slight_smile:

BTW, how'd I do on the spelling? Close enough apparently, since you could figure it out, but did I miss anything that would make it clearer?

Do you at least know what you said?

There is also an English at the top on the left

Yeah, well, at least I think I know what they mean. I think the first one is "I am grapefruit" and the second would be "I am not a tree". Is that right?

I was probably too busy trying to figure out what I could read at the top to see the English up there.... by the time I got to the bottom I had given up. :slight_smile:

Yup that is what they mean